Jesus absorbed
all the agony of the Cross that those who believe may enjoy the benefit of
son-ship of the Father in heaven. His gift of an abundant life here on earth
and everlasting life after, constitute eternal life, the zoe Life of Christ. It is unfortunate that many believing fathers –
to whom much has been given and from whom much is expected, to pass on to the
next generation – do not have a clear understanding of the true meaning of the
fatherhood of God. They know not of their son-ship rights and responsibilities.
The first thing to know is this: Christ is in the Father, you are in Christ,
and Christ is in youJn.14:20,
therefore you are in the Father. If Christ is in the Father and also in you,
then the All-powerful Father is in you. Is there a better place you would
rather be?

You need also
know that all your heavenly Father has, He gave to Jesus Christ. Having received
Him as Lord and Saviour, you became a joint-heir, with access: ‘Worthy is the Lamb who was slain to receive
power and riches and wisdom, and strength and honour and glory and blessing.’
Rev.5:12.This is the
Blessing God endowed to you ‘in Christ’:
your own portion of the fullness of
the earth, and your own part of those who dwell
in the worldPs.24:1.Surely, a father who knows that his heavenly Father has bequeathed all that
belongs to Him to His children, will be willing to lead his children on the
path to know Him, so that they too may receive all that divine power has given!
What better legacy to leave to them than all the Blessing supplies: power,
riches, wisdom, strength, honour, glory and blessing? Is there anything more
they will need to live a Godly life2Pet.1:3?

a family in covenant relationship with the heavenly Father, His mind should be
your mandate. To accommodate God’s purposes, everyone in your household must be
willing to renew their mind and expand their view, to receive the Oracles of
life. What God requires of you will likely blow your small minds. None of you
is what you have done, what you have achieved, or what you have acquired, but
what God purposed for you to be. You will need Him to become that person. It
starts with fellowship at the altar, the place where covenant practice is
established, where every member of the family offers repentance, submission,
reverence, thanksgiving, rejoicing, praise and worship of God Almighty. There,
you will all experience ‘times of

altar is also a place of exchange, therefore, the family which spends time in
the presence of God must expect to receive revelation, instruction, power,
healing, peace, deliverance, correction, counsel, renewal and restoration.
Members of a blessed family, with a tradition of passing on covenant
relationship with God, attain spiritual maturity; each is poised to take
possession of all that the Blessing bestows, for the inheritance is for the


You, Lord, for who You created everyone in my household to be. I pray that the
light of who we are in Christ will intensify greatly, and find expression in
our lives. Thank You for the supernatural empowerment that our new status and
nature conveys on us. I pray also that the Holy Spirit will instruct, guide and
baptize us with quick understanding in all matters concerning Your will for us,
in Jesus name.


the name of Jesus and by the empowerment of the Blessing, I declare that as my family grows in grace and revelation
knowledge of God, our weakness is swallowed up and God’s strength is made
perfect in us. We receive grace to rise up and walk in all the Blessing
supplies, to stand strong and great. Every area of our lives is taking the
shape of God’s glory. I am emerging to be an enviable, model father and leader.
Thank You, Jesus.

Image courtesy of
Annette Simms.