The one born of the spirit has received a new heart, one that communicates with God, spirit relating with Spirit. He is privy to the deep things of God, heavenly agenda is revealed to him; knowledge of things that eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, nor minds in an unsaved state have conceived 1Cor.2:9-10.

The word if God he hears continuously, and meditates upon, fills his heart with the Godly perspective; his spirit is well fed, strengthened, filled with wisdom from above as it is taught every value that is profitable for successful living, just like Jesus Lk.2:40.

However, his mind is a database of his experiences, influences, the teachings received and social norms. It is likely saturated with worldview, totally opposite to the knowledge of God. The new creature 2Cor.5:17 must throw out all that he learned and believed, allow his regenerated spirit – the new man – to renew his mind – the old man – insisting on the new, Godly way.

Rather than continue to feed his mind from the ear and eye gates, listening to and watching ‘junk’, he lets his spirit feed his mind. His mind controls his emotions, imaginations and thoughts, which constitute his soul. His soul is healthy and it prospers; so does he 3Jn.1:2.

His life is transformed when his mind is renewed, when, by God’s word, believing right leads him to live right Rom.12:2. In a world where image is everything and good character has been given a back seat, he looks through the eyes of his conscience and sees the real issues at stake. He is not easily deceived by the branding of evil, the clothing of immorality with titillating garments. Not being separated from God, he will not die but live Ps.118:17.

Are you that one?