Be Sensitive in the Spirit to Know When to Put in the Sickle: The agricultural principle by which God’s Kingdom works assures that the seeds we plant bear fruit, so that in due season we may confidently put in the sickle to reap a bounteous harvest. God is a Rewarder; our works by faith please Him Heb.11:6. Having sown we need recognise when the harvest is ripe. This is a function of spiritual sensitivity by constant fellowship with God.

Let us dig deeper. Believers have a terrestrial body for life on earth and a celestial body for fellowship with God, spirit relating with Spirit. Being of divine nature, returned to the image and likeness of our Father in heaven, we excel when we behave like Him. When God wanted to recover the sons He lost in Adam at the fall of Man, by faith He sowed His only Begotten Son on earth. Just as a seed falls to the ground dies and then rises to produce a harvest of fruit, the death and resurrection of Jesus brought God the fruit of sons Jn.3:16-17. If this principle worked for God, it must work for us too. We who do what we see the Father do, the things the Son also modelled for us, will undoubtedly do greater works than Jesus, by faith, because of the Blessing, the power of God to produce bounteous fruit.

Followers of Jesus asked what to do to ‘work the works of God‘. His answer: “This is the work of God, that you believe in Him Whom He sent” Jn.6:28-29. This is what glorifies God: to believe Him, ‘work the work of Him’ that sent us Jn.9:4. By our lifestyle of seed sowing and reaping by faith, we manifest, show those in the world how citizens of God’s Kingdom are blessed without toil, and draw men to Him. Having sown, we put in the sickle to reap by doing works by faith in Christ Cole. 2:7. Power is latent, of no effect until applied. Our faith works release the power to make things happen in and around us.

Rahab’s work of faith was to keep the spies sent safe, at the risk of being caught Js.2:25. Queen Esther’s work of faith was to intercede for her people with the Persian king, at risk to her own life Est. 4:16. Jesus did works by faith too numerous to record: to deliver captives of demonic oppression,  heal the sick, make the maimed whole. Most importantly, He destroyed the works of the devil 1Jn.3:8 and redeemed sinful man.

What works are you doing by your faith, for, ‘as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also’ Js.2:26? Your work by faith is connected to your seed. Take bold steps by faith, being sensitive to recognise your season of harvest,  to put in the sickle. Your works by faith are done from a position of rest, believing Christ has done all. The Holy Spirit communicates with the one at rest; rest is not inactivity. In fellowship with Him you will be guided, instructed on decisions to make and actions to take to appropriate into your physical space the spiritual blessings stored for you in heavenly places Eph.1:3. He will help you to make right choices, to know when to receive or reject, hold onto or release.

We do not work to get what Christ already gave, rather, we labour in the word of God to believe Him, to enter into His rest

Heb.4:9-10, that He may work by our faith. From that posture of rest all things God has provided are supplied to us. Ask Peter. Having toiled all night he caught no fish,  but at the word of the Master he launched into the deep and caught more than he alone could bring in. This will be your testimony in the Majestic Name of Jesus!