The 6th principle to activate
audacious faith in God as apostles in the marketplace purposed to achieve
quantum business success is to keep your eye on the ‘proverbial’ ball. See
tangible ‘substance’ of the things
you expect to receive, ‘evidence of
things not seen’.
You will have what you ‘see, whether it is a
mega contract at the end of a sales pitch or your desired earnings at year end!

Things of God
are spiritually discerned, not visible to the physical eyes. His Spirit
searches ‘the deep things of God’ and
reveals them to those who choose Him as Governing Influence over their
business, ‘that we might know the things
that have been freely given to us by God’
. In response to His disciples on
why He spoke in parables, Jesus avowed that many see but do not perceive because
their hearts have grown dull, their spiritual eyes are closed. Ten out of
the twelve sent by Joshua to spy the land promised saw ‘men of great stature’ and proclaimed: ‘we were like grasshoppers in our own sight, and so we were in their sight. How did they know what the ‘giants’ saw! Clearly, they imagined the
worst, did not see with eyes of faith in the power of the One who was giving
them the land. Consequently, because of their unbelief, they spent forty years
waiting to enter God’s rest.

what you see determines what you get you need trust God to reveal not only things
already earmarked for you, but also strategies to get from where you are to
where you need to be. You make informed business decisions in terms of product
quality, satisfying buyer values, and other issues critical to success, because
you know what others in your sector do not. Jacob did
not know how to multiply his livestock until what he must do was revealed to
him in a dream.

not allow unbelief to distort your vision. If the current state of your
business does not look anything like what God said, ask for eyes of faith to
see with heavenly perspective beyond the present, understand His will, make
true and right judgment, and have your affections and actions rightly guided. You
will know what to do to turn things around.

If you find
yourself doubting the picture of business
success you see take those doubts to God in prayer for a supply of grace to act
boldly to actualize the vision. Acting on an idea increases its chances of
success. The woman who touched Jesus’ garment saw herself made whole. As you
stay spiritually sensitive you will likely also get confirmation from others of
what you ‘see’. The mother of Jesus knew her son was the Messiah; it was
revealed to her before His conception. Simeon and the prophetess Anna confirmed
it at His dedication in the temple. The common factor to getting the promise in
all these instances was this: Faith in what God said and expectation of
its manifestation

In the course of managing profitable
ventures, business leaders often face circumstances that are out of their
control. In my experience, these are times to seek divine help. I was head of
an outdoor catering company which provided food, snacks, drinks mostly to corporate
organizations. WE often catered for seminars, workshops, trainings and other
events where clients of our clients would be present. On one occasion due to
unprecedented heavy traffic – though staff, equipment and some food items were
already present at client site – the bulk of the food arrived late. It was not
yet lunch break but the point is we broke our promise to be set 30 minutes
before service. Despite all entreaties, the event coordinator told us to leave
and started making arrangements for take-out food from a nearby restaurant. We
prayed. Just before lunch was to be served the CEO of the client company came
to the buffet table. The first chaffing he opened was fresh fish stew, the
second was fried plantain; both were his favourites! His comment to the
coordinator: ‘These people are going
nowhere. Please forgive them!”
Only God could have orchestrated that!

A good prayer to speak regularly over
yourself is that the eyes of your
understanding be enlightened
have spiritual insight to have confident assurance that as God’s adopted ‘son’, His incredible power is working in
and through you.