Every challenge of life is a problem of
– knowing what
to do to get the desired result, for your faith to produce. The CEO who has no
clue how to turn around his failing business lacks wisdom. Your faith needs to
be worked to work for you. If you pay attention, many of the things you are
praying about, God wills to give you wisdom to accomplish. Ignore instruction
or correction at your peril.  Make the measure of faith God gave yours,
take hold of it and apply it to specific situations; by your guided action you
commit performance of His word. If it is not producing, go back and sharpen the
saw: it is because wisdom is lacking.

You are already blessed with ‘every spiritual blessing in the heavenly
places in Christ’
but there are actions you need take for your faith to
produce. Jesus always knew what to do, for in Him dwelt the Spirit of Wisdom. The
morning after He had cursed the fig tree Peter expressed amazement at its
withered state. Jesus revealed the secret of accomplishment: ‘Have faith in God.’. This is how the faith
of God works: by speaking you plant the seed of God’s word in
your heart to aid your believing; you water it regularly with
guided activity, acting as if you have what you say. Thus, you acknowledge
the power of God’s gift of His Spirit living in you and allow Him to work through
you by your actions.

rule the world when they are well thought out and put to work
. By them,
the intangible – things not seen – create things with substance. The one who
applies ideas to create tangible products and services has two levels of faith:
in God and in himself. This is the world of the entrepreneur: as a problem-solver
willing to take on challenges which others dare not attempt, he is innovative,
thinks beyond the norm – even defies it – to provide solutions in unexpected
and non-traditional ways. To take his position in the sectors he was created to
function in as king and priest of God’s Kingdom, providing employment, and touching
lives by building health, education and other projects, ‘the planting of the Lord’ does not sit back and say, ‘God will
do it’
. Being productive, an entrepreneur in the true sense of the word cannot
be poor.

Faith in God will make you do unusual
things as directed by Him
march around a wall for seven days causing it to fall down flat, no ramming
required; throw down your nets again to catch a multitude of fish, even after
toiling in vain all night, just because you were instructed to do so; draw
water from a pot and discover as you drink that it has turned into wine.

Abraham’s work of faith was
his willingness to give up his son as instructed. Rahab’s work of faith was to receive the men
sent to spy out Jericho and keep them safe at the risk of being caught herself.
 Queen Esther’s work of faith was to intercede for her people with the Persian
king, at risk to her own life, and deliver them from Haman’s plan of
annihilation. By faith Moses took a people on a walk along the
seabed to escape the advancing Egyptian army. None of these protagonists of
faith was sole beneficiary of the fruits borne by the seed of faith planted in
bold action.

a decision is made to do what is necessary for your business to succeed, the
end is known. Prophetic utterances will be made to etch clear pictures of what success
will look like in the minds of stakeholders, strategies and plans are devised
and corresponding actions taken. Be proactive. By faith, shut the mouth of
detractors, quench the fire of harsh business environments, escape the edge of the
competitor’s sword, turn your weakness to strength, and take your business to
great heights.

as you recognize the things you cannot change or control, especially when it
has to do with another person’s free will [God will not violate a man’s will!],
limit your limitations. Be creative, work around things you are not responsible
for, or cannot prevent. We activate destiny fulfilment by the choices we make
and the actions we take when the time or season is apt.