”’I will not quit’ is a posture of faith in the integrity of God
as revealed in His Word. Courage embraces failure and breathes victory into it.
Courage redeems the defeats of the past and uses them as a foundation upon
which to build future successes. Courage rallies a weak and tired body, driving
out exhaustion. It will not let you quit or give up. Courage will cause you to
bounce right back. You may get knocked down, but you won’t stay down. When you
live by faith and… courage… you are being led by the Spirit’                                                                                              
LaDonna Osborn.

To be
relentless is much more than determination or foolhardiness. You need draw
courage from within
knowing you ‘can
do all things through Christ’
lives in you and gives strength to your inner man
. Courage is spiritual,
it strengthens the weak. Like Joshua after the demise of Moses, you need God’s presence
to be strong and of good courage’. By your strength you cannot prevail
over the challenges of most business environments, whether in Europe, Africa,
Asia, or the Americas, you need be
strong in the Lord and in the power
of His might.

faith will be proved – tried and tested. Knowing that God will not permit more
than you can handle to come against you, stay the course, unyielding. How? By collaborating
with the divine. Keep asking counsel of the Spirit
of God in prayer; keep seeking innovative, disruptive ways to add
value to your customer segments and amaze them, gain their loyalty and grow
your business; keep knocking on doors to offer your products and
services to a world which awaits the solutions you bring.

God instructed Noah to build a
structure that had never been seen, in preparation for a phenomenon that had
never been heard of. He must have been ridiculed to such extent that, by the
end of the 100th year of building the Ark, his name would have
become a noun, synonymous with ‘mad’.
But by the time the waters had covered the mountains and swept away every
living thing, only his family survived.

In obedience
to God, Isaac stayed in Gear instead of relocating to Egypt. There, he ‘began to prosper, and continued prospering
until he became very prosperous’
. Despite being in God’s will the
Philistines out of envy stopped up all the wells his father had dug; they feared
he would become mightier than them. After Isaac re-dug the wells and found
water, they chased him away and claimed the wells as theirs. Isaac did not give
up, he kept moving and digging wells until he dug one they did not quarrel
over. This he named Rehoboth
meaning ‘spaciousness. This post-COVID-19 era is a time to
review, reset, and restart. As you relentlessly and patiently pursue your goals
God will make room for you.

was lowered into the lions’ den as punishment for praying to the Lord, not King
Darius. God sent His angel to shut the lions’ mouths and protect him.
Should Daniel have compromised his
faith God would not have been glorified in his situation
. David, the
shepherd-boy who later became king, was delivered from the paws of the bear and
the lion, and eventually from the hand of Goliath with a sling and a stone’.
He acknowledged the battle is the Lord’s, who does not save with sword or
spear. Had David been afraid or
considered his size and the discouraging words of his brothers and of Goliath,
he would not have saved Israel from certain defeat.

None of the above
was an easy feat; each was attained by divine enablement. To achieve God’s purpose for you, you need persevere; take
audacious steps in faith despite challenging situations you are sure to face.
Encourage yourself in God’s word until you get to the place of spaciousness, and beyond.