7. Work Your Faith: Every gift from God is given for a specific purpose. The ‘measure of faith’ you received at your conversion is for you to
accomplish much in and for His Kingdom. Do not think more highly of yourself
than you ought, you will need God’s faith to live the life that He ordained for
you in this worldRom.12:3!  Recognize the
gift of faith as a ‘talent’; invest
it to produce bounteous fruit so that when the Master returns, because you have
much fruit to show for its use, He will call you ‘good and faithful servant’, ‘make
you ruler over many things’
and invite you to enter into His joyful placeMt.25:14-23.

All of this the believer already knows. What then is the challenge? Why are the just generally not living
the abundant life purposed by our Father, by faithRom.1:17? The answer
is simple: many do not know how to get the desired result. The believing father
does not know how to deliver his son from drug addiction; the believing wife
knows not how to stop her husband from browsing pornographic sites on the Internet
and pay more attention to her; the believing CEO has no clue how to turn around
his failing business.

God’s divine power has given you all the resources ‘that pertain to life and godliness’, but you
receive them through the knowledge of God2Pet.1:3. All things
are already yours1Cor.3:21, but there
is something for you to do for your faith to produce; you are blessed with ‘every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in
Eph.1:3, available for you to draw by actions in

Every challenge of life is a problem of wisdom – knowing what to
do to get the desired result. The wisdom of God solves every issue of life, for
it is from above. To know what to do to get your faith to produce is wisdom. Get it from the Source, ask and receiveJas.1:5. It will
serve you better than goldProv.16:16!

Jesus always knew what to do, for in Him dwelt the Spirit of
WisdomIs.11:2.When on the
morning after He had cursed the fig tree Peter expressed amazement at its withered
state, Jesus told him the secret of its accomplishment: ‘Have faith in God.’ Mk.11:22. He revealed
how the faith of God works: by speaking, believing and acting as if you have
what you say. This is how God purposed for things to work on earth: plant the seed
of God’s word in your heart, and water it regularly with guided activityGen.8:22. The Spirit of Wisdom is in you; acknowledge His power and put it to work in requisite action.
Faith in God will make you do unusual
things as directed by Him, like: march around a wall for seven days, causing it
to fall down flat, no ramming required; throw down your nets again to catch a
multitude of fish, even after toiling in vain all night; draw water from a pot
and discover as you drink that it has turned to wine.

Like Jesus, we must ‘work
the work of Him’
that sent usJn.9:4.We are not
the only beneficiaries of the fruits of our faith. We draw men to our God, and,
at the end each can also declare: ’I have
glorified you on earth. I have finished the work which you have given me to do’
work of faith was his willingness to give up his son as instructedJas.2:21-23. Rahab’s work of faith was to receive the men
sent to spy out Jericho and keep them safe, at the risk of being caught herselfJas.2:25. Queen
Esther’s work of faith was to
intercede for her people with the Persian king, at risk to her own lifeEst.4:16. Thus the
people were delivered from Haman’s plan of annihilation.

Own the measure of God’s faith you were given, take hold of it and assign it to specific situationsto commit God
to perform His word. ‘As the body without
the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also’
Jas.2:26. If your
faith is not producing result go back and sharpen the saw: get wisdomProv.4:7.