Adapted from ‘The Good Father’.

2. Understand Authority: God’s Son is King of kings Rev.17:14. He does not rule by consensus, requiring the agreement of all, nor by consultation, relying on the opinion of others to make decisions and take action. When the King gives a command, from His mouth to the ears of men, the citizens do it; no argument, no controversy because they know He has their best interest at heart. Commands are decrees, not suggestions open for discussion. Commands are given by words – spoken or written with the seal of the King. Once sent, commands do not return to the King void Is.55:11. His physical presence is not required; His authority, His power, is in His words: ‘Where the Word of a king is, there is power… ‘ Eccl.8:4.

The Centurion displayed by two ways the correct application of authority Mt.8:5-13:

* Knowledge of the capabilities of God: To exercise the authority that covenant relationship with Jesus Christ bestows on you, you need to know things pertaining to Godly injunction 1Jn.2:20. Abiding in the Word of God reveals the truth that sets you free Jn.8:31-32, enables you to stand against anything that contends your authority. The anointing rests on the Word Heb.1:3a. What you are anointed to do is made easy as you get direction and do God’s will, His word, in that area of endeavour.

* Understanding how authority works: You will never know how empowered you are until your authority manifests as you become effective in doing God’s purpose for you. Oil flows with the pull of gravity, from top down. You apply authority for benefit when you are under authority Mt.8:9. The key to your ability to resist the devil and cause him to flee is to submit to God’s authority Js.4:6-7.

Those given authority must use it responsibly. How?

* Speak out: Authority is word-based, latent until the command goes forth; a quiet king is powerless.

* Yield to authority: This is the secret to wielding authority. You wield authority to prepare others and enhance their effectiveness in the use of their own authority.

* Righteous use of authority counters abuse Prov.29:2. Authority is given to edify not to destroy. Humility and integrity are thus desirable characteristics for a believer with authority.

Jesus supplied you with authority and with power. Your new status as the righteousness of God in Christ conveys authority on you; the Word of God in your mouth is your power. Judas relinquished his authority to the devil, he allowed Satan to enter him Jn.13:27 and betrayed Jesus.

Do not be deceived; use your authority to claim all that belongs to you, by audacious faith.