The power to get wealth is wisdom; every problem is
consequent upon a wisdom deficiency. Light leads out of darkness. A blind person
is disadvantaged by the absence of light, but his knowledge of the terrain is
as good as having the place lit up to see where he is going.

An Entrepreneurial SpiritES is a problem-solver. By it,
the business leader has power to create the financial health he desires if he
is clear on precisely what that desire is and knows how to achieve his dream.The ES is disruptive, thinks without the
box, demonstrates great self-confidence in its capability to devise authentic
sustainable solutions. But as you already know, problems created at a level are
rarely solved until you go higher, engage superior intelligence.

Nations which transformed their economies
rapidly from developing to developed status have one thing in common:
consistent identification of optimal intellectual solutions. Singapore, Dubai,
and Israel without compromise employed this strategy to address socio-economic
issues and transformed by executing appropriate reforms efficiently in various sectors.

This is the game-changing model which management
of many large Corporations employ tor rapid, significant business growth. Small
business leaders may adopt this to record astonishing testimonies in less than
two years of start-up. Those who fail to employ this model are short-change of
significant growth.

three-pronged strategy is suggested to generate enduring wealth for your business
venture in what is expected to be challenging post-COVID-19 times:

Relevant Data
: Every
resource required to accelerate business success – human and material – is already
available, but you must know where to source it. With the right technology you
can harness, develop, and deploy those resources to create wealth.

A visionary leader must see
clearly what the business must become for all stakeholders to thrive. You must
negotiate partnerships and contractual agreements confidently with a good dose
of esteem being aware of the ‘collective humanism’ of buyer and

You need correct information on how things
really work in the everyday experience of your customer segments. Look at the
world from their perspective. Asking the right questions will throw up issues important
to them and essential to ease their pain; pay attention to their emotional needs
– not just rational ones – to appreciate what they view as real problems. To immerse
in their perspective
, you need step into their shoes to see the world
through their eyes. People generally want to
experience practical, lasting solutions, demonstrable acts which show they are
cared for. This creates a memorable peak in their experience that will likely
cultivate loyalty

The Unit handling Management
Information must be equipped to synchronize and manage the database of
information supplied and continuously updated by all stakeholders, that there
be no disconnect between those who interface with customers and back office
units. This centre will analyse data using varied scenarios, create dashboards
to juxtapose relevant data and provide links and networking facilities such
that potential users have immediate access to performance-enhancing information
and tools for creating optimal customer-amazing experience.