6.  Have Absolute Trust
in God
with God assures divine guidance; success is guaranteed because you have hooked
up with He who knows the end from the beginning. He put His Spirit in
you so you may involve Him before major and minor decisions are made. Do not be
quick to ask advice of men who have been where you plan to go, trusting they
must have the panacea for success in that area. It is better to trust God than
to put your confidence in menPs.118:8-9who
chart maps; nothing beats taking direction from the One who created the terrain!
I heard a man of God say: ‘If a blind man
is being led by another person, the one at the rear should be wise enough to
ask the one leading: “Can you see?”

is the greatest stakeholder in your life being your Purpose-Giver; He is
interested in the choices you make. As the Captain of your ship, He has set a
course for your life, to navigate it successfully. You are led to a place of
fulfilment and continuous fellowship with Him; an‘expected end’ Jer.29:11.
If you make a wrong turn at any point you are likely to miss out on the
blessings He already lined up for you had you been on the right path.You may
have wandered from your nestProv.27:8.

There is
only one truth – God’s word. You will know the truth concerning you when you inquire from Him, when you allow the Holy Spirit reveal it to you.
Get your own prophetic word as you seek God for yourself in His word. Keep propagating
this truth; never compromise your conviction or edit your desires until every
lie that contends with His revelation to you is dispelled. Then you shall ‘be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings
forth its fruit in its season, whose leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever
he does shall prosper.
Ps.1:1-3.God’s Spirit in you is to serve His purpose
not yours; your fruit-bearing glorifies HimJn.15:8.

Believers reign on earth as empowered by the Spirit of
our Father Who lives in us. Therefore let us ‘in understanding be mature’ 1Cor.14:20.
We need to pray with the Spirit, as well as with understanding1Cor.14:15.
When we have prayed in the Spirit, guided ‘as
we ought’,
and have received a word from God, it is time to pray in the
understanding – to make specific requests in Jesus’ name – for we now know what
to pray. What you ask in Jesus name ‘you
will receive, that your joy may be full.’
Jn.16:24.Your work is to believe what Jesus saidJn.6:28-29.Do this, cease from your own works and enter into
God’s restHeb.4:11,
patiently awaiting manifestation of answered prayer.

Put the spiritual force that is audacious faith to work by trusting
God not man. Do not step out in faith focussed on what man can do for you else
you will not see when good comesJer.17:6. God may
choose to bless you through a person, or supernaturally. Men and women gave
generously to the ministry of Jesus. However, when expedient, needs were met
supernaturally. Wisdom knows the difference.

By faith you trust God, whatever your situation, knowing that He
loves you just as He does Jesus Christ. You know that anything He allows in
your life is with purpose, so you are always at peaceIs.26:3. Even in
challenging circumstances, all things will work out for your goodRom.8:28. Do not
rush to help yourself but wait on Him to guide you throughProv.3:5-6; you know
He will supply strength for victoryIs.40:29-31.