One of the responsibilities of a father, as primary distributor of what the Source has provided, is to take care of his family. How else will the needs of His children be met? In order not to be worse than an infidel 1Tim.5:8, fathers must do whatever it takes – even give up personal comfort – to provide for their own. An infidel is still on the side of the wrath of God, he is not a part-taker of the inheritance that Jesus died to secure for God’s children. No believing Father should be likened to one.

The reality of what obtains in many families is a far cry from the original plan of the Creator. Many women are forced to be sole providers of all their household needs, breadwinners; some to lazy, irresponsible men, others to men who are genuinely incapacitated for various reasons which include inability to secure employment, or loss of means of sustaining the family due to ill-health, business failure etc. A man’s constraint in providing for His family should only be for a season. Wives are generally frustrated when a temporary state assumes permanence.

Many believing fathers, though cognizant of what is expected of them, are strained, they strive to make ends meet, and face serious financial challenges – even tongue,-speaking, demon-casting, righteous-living, prayer warriors! Many are forced to manage a cycle of debt that leaves them frustrated and wondering: where is the abundant life promised? Many, worldwide, are engaged in low-pay jobs which are far from the work that God ordained for them.

The reason for this is not far-fetched: many are ruled by the flesh not the spirit, not knowing that God’s sons are entitled to divine providence. This is not an indictment, trusting God to provide all we need is not the prerogative of the flesh which has neither faith nor patience Heb.10:36-37. The flesh always wars against the spirit, therefore strength in the inner man is required to appropriate the benefits of son-ship, including material wealth.

The heavenly Father always takes care of His children. Rather than say: ‘My power and the might of my hand have gained me this wealth’, the one who is well-fed, has built beautiful houses and multiplied wealth, must recognize that it is God who gives ‘power to get wealth’ Deut.8:17-18.

How is this power appropriated? See the next few posts.