Unfortunately, when our knowledge of God is lacking or faulty, we fall into the trap of deceitful and self-seeking advocates of the wisdom of men who daily corrupt the simple – those who are foolish in the things of God – with false doctrine, even the doctrine of devils. Yes, this is happening. Ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing Mt.7:15 are among believers, even on the pulpits of some of the churches we attend!

Why is this caution necessary? Because church leadership has a dual role of prophesying into our lives, foretelling things to come, and teaching us words that are critical to build us up for God’s service, and for His glory. Therefore, if they claim to have direction but do not, we are misled; if they teach what is contrary to the truth of God’s word, we are led astray.

We also need this caution because these are pretenders who are not easily recognisable. They appear harmless, sanctified and devoted, but really are malicious and mischievous. They are agents of Satan  who can turn himself into an angel of light 2Cor.11:13-14.

Prophet Isaiah spoke the mind of God that His chosen people are often presumptuous, provoking Him to anger continually. They have a ‘holier than thou’ attitude; they are hypocrites, burning incense to Him on mountains, but blaspheming Him on hills Is.65:3, 7. Just like in the days of the Jewish Pharisees and Sadducees who could not answer simple doctrinal questions, Church leadership today is inundated with heads who are anointed but yet to be sent, being inadequately prepared in revelation knowledge of God’s word.

They point the people to themselves because they do not know Him. The contrary doctrines they teach lead people to become egotistical and worldly, naming and thinking they can claim what the Giver of all good things has not given.