Entrepreneurship is about
solving problems, creating products or services that increase pleasure by
making customers feel happy, or decrease pain for consumers. Problem solving
requires that you spend time thinking beyond what currently is, working your
creative energy, and exercising a good dose of faith. It also presumes that you
care to make things better.

Enterprise success is to achieve
God’s purpose on earth. Your positioning in any industry is to ‘occupy’,
bring light to, and salt that Sector. As an Apostle in the marketplace, you
minister to a specific people, at a specific place, to meet specific needs,
being correctly motivated by God’s will. Every business is for service, rooted
in the love of God and man, powered by a vision, fuelled by a mission that’s
bigger than its manager. Whereas your product or service meets user needs; your organisation and
part of its profit are purposed to meet societal needs, to give back.

Recognize this: As you provide for
the needy, wherever you are established, that land yields its increase to you,
opportunities abound, and your work increases. When you become a channel for
wealth distribution your giving capacity increases. You are enriched to
continuously give.

Examine yourself. Does your life,
work, home, even leisure activity, align with divine plan and purpose for you
to impact lives and leave a legacy?