The first resource
required for wealth creation is a thought, an idea. Made in the image of a thinking God, your
thoughts are real, powerful, they occupy real space in your brain. As a result,
words and actions are not random but produced by what you did with a sound
mind, the thoughts you built.
We all have the power of choice – to appropriate
Godly thoughts or entertain negative thoughts. In your brain are all God has
for you; ‘probabilities’ become ‘possibilities’ when you partner
with Him to activate them.

Where do ideas come from? The machinations of the
mind, the searching of the heart for answers to nagging questions, the desire
to ease pain that causes one to keep on asking, keep on seeking, and keep on
knocking, until a solution is provided. Wealth always starts with an idea, a way
to make life easier, a solution to a problem. It remains lifeless until you
recognize its insights, speak to give it life, and activate it by your actions.

Thoughts have creative power; over time they come
to pass. Your mind is a veritable tool for building enterprise. You will see
opportunities for actualization of the thing which fills your mind, thoughts
wired to fulfill your goal.

Those who make up their minds to succeed have ‘seenthe end from the beginning; they have settled a business vision in their
minds, as a past experience. They know fainting occurs when the mind is no
longer full of the project – the desired outcome – so they exercise staying
power, repeat thoughts that take their minds in that direction knowing that what
hasn’t happened in our thoughts will not likely happen in our reality.

A man prosecuted an idea to solve the impending
food shortage of a nation: store 20% of produce in time of plenty. When famine
came, he sold the saved produce, gathering all the money in the land. When
money failed, he took the peoples’ livestock in exchange for food, and by the
end of the year, the people had nothing but their land andthemselves to trade for food. He then gave them
seed to sow on what was now the king’s land and caused them to give a fifth of
their harvest to the king. The people were pleased for he saved their lives. While
doing so, he enriched the king, bringing honour and glory to himself and causing
his people to enjoy favour.

Wealth from an idea can transform into a lifelong
flow. Your business idea is an intangible instruction. Where did Jacob get the
idea which fetched a pastoral flock that enriched him and triggered his
departure from Laban? From instruction in a dream. You’ve heard it said that a
problem cannot be solved at the realm it is created; you need go higher. An
idea which emanates from the mind of Christ is ’super’ over your ‘natural’.

You are designed to be awesome, brilliant; an Amazing
God is in you. Use your mind, constantly challenge yourself. Do not get weary
or tired. Keep envisioning what your creation will look like. Take your mind
off the limitations to actualizing your business vision and focus your thoughts
on the solutions and the success you desire.