Whereas those in relationship with God have the added
advantage of His power to do great things,
is not responsible for their being wealthy.They are
shrouded in FAVOUR – access beyond their effort which, though undeserved and
unmerited, can be activated by laws, making initiation and maintenance
predictable.Favour is
two-dimensional: the one is with God and the other with manLk.2:52. You can have both yet have one without the other. It is however
beneficial to know that they operate on distinct ‘laws’.

Those who secure favour with God fear Him, not a dread but a
show of respect by keeping His commands – loving Him and men – knowing there is
reward for obedienceProv.9:10; this is wisdom. God shares His secrets with those who
reverence HimPs.25:14, who have faith in Him, trust and acknowledge He who knows
all things and is able to show you how best to achieve all your business goals,
lead you to enduring wealth. Favour with God activates the mystery of divine enablement.

Favour with
men is the currency of enrichment. Your ability to solve problems is the
ultimate key to entering this dimension of favour. Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s
dreams, gained favour by proffering the solution to food security for the known
world, and profited. The world is so desperate for solutions that age, gender, race,
nationality notwithstanding, your problem-solving capability grants favour with
men; your gift makes way for you, great opportunities open up to you, the land
favours you and the peoples’ kindness toward you overflows. Favour causes all
things to work together to make things easy for you.

Truth be told, you are insignificant until you solve a
problem. Those who need what you have will look for you; solve a millionaire’s
problem and you have access to his millions. This is what qualifies you to
stand before men who will bring you into greatness.

Solutions come from those who
care, who want to make the lives of others easier, even though they ultimately
profit from their endeavour. You curry favour from men when you show love for
them. Sometimes all you need do is speak their language, empathize with them,
understand their challenges, even become passionate about the things that
concern them.

The laws of creation are of God’s Kingdom, they reflect His love. If
we would pay attention to them and take responsibility for ourselves, no power
in existence could stop us and our success would not be on God but on us. When
you plant seed on fertile ground and water it, you have commanded the ground to
produce; you may start preparing for harvest, rejoicing.