The pattern for creation and sustenance of all things was
set when the heavens and the earth were created; the blueprint that guarantees
success in business – the work of tending
and keeping the abundant resources
placed on, in and around planet earth – was suppled in the beginning. This
pattern comprises Speaking, Believing, Acting by Faith, declaring the work done, then taking
well-deserved Rest. What the Creator
said at every stage of the creation process, He believed and took requisite
action to ‘bring to pass’.

Business owners and managers who follow this divine process achieve
unprecedented success by faith, they climb the prescribed success ladder to ‘be fruitful, multiply, replenish, subdue, and have dominion’.

profit from solving problems, you need help from the ultimate problem-Solver; successful
business leaders know they need to lean on a Higher Power, that a business
mandate is truly rewarding when the divine and human collaborate.

How do I know this? Come with me on a spiritual journey.

Everyone in business has the option of looking to God
to get wealth, or Mammon – anything
or person other than God. We may deduce from the prescriptions of Jesus ChristMt.6on
matters of provision that the one you rely upon to meet your needs is your god.
Those who live by faith in God will choose Him as their only Source. Their eye
is single; they know that He may prompt a man as re-source, but while appreciating
helpers, acknowledge that these are ‘sent’
and give glory to Him alone, recognizing that those who look to men cannot see when good
comes and that
‘It is better to trust in the Lord than to put
confidence in man.’
Ps.118:8.It is physically impossible to look up and down at the
same time.

started with an idea, a thought in the mind of the Creator. Everyone on earth
with a vision to create is doing business. How can this succeed without faith
in God?