There can be no transformation of ours or the lives of others without mind renewal Rom.12:2. Why is this so? Actions emanate from decisions; decisions are the result of thoughts – the machinations of the mind.

If we will be all that God ordained, and prove His will for us, we cannot conform to the image the world creates for us. We who have received the Spirit of God 1Cor.2:12 need to be transformed from inside out; we need our minds renewed. How do believers appropriate the ‘invisible things’ that the Spirit of God drops in our hearts that they may manifest in the physical? The answer is in God’s word.

Apostle Paul warned of the wrath of God upon those who, having been shown the righteousness of God, reject this knowledge and exchange the glory of our ‘incorruptible God’ for that which ‘corruptible man’ offers:

‘Because that, when they knew God, they glorified Him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish hearts was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools… ‘ Rom.1:20-22.

Mind renewal, and ultimately life transformation, is achieved as you take the four steps prescribed in this text, after the Holy Spirit has downloaded God’s word into your heart – the things your eyes have not seen, your ears heard, or your mind conceived:

1. Glorify God for choosing you to show His glory; He could have chosen another. The vision you receive by His word will be greater than anything you could have thought possible, or even asked Is.55:8-9;

2. Be thankful for the revelation of these things, for you cannot know or live the fullness of God’s will unless it is revealed to you. Those who have no knowledge of God perish Hos.4:1,6;

3. Use the power of your imagination. Let your heart upload the ‘thoughts’ of God Jer.29:11 into your mind, and begin to see yourself as God sees you. Create a picture. Christianity is not the way of life of the lazy; believers need engage creative thinking, meditate on God’s word to glean solutions from it. As you do this, you will discover what to do to get the desired result; you have the mind of Christ 1Cor.2:16;

4. Finally, let your professions be in agreement with what God said. Make declarations to bring things in alignment with His word. Without a doubt, ‘it will be established for you’, ‘light will shine on your ways’, and you will know precisely how His plans for you will be achieved Job.22:28. Do not be distracted, even when ‘they cast you down’, keep saying ‘Exaltation will come’; God will save you v.29!

Why does the ‘light of the world’ need the transformation that comes from mind renewal? That he may do ‘good works’, solve human problems, and glorify his Father Mt.5:16. Prior to being reconciled to God, the works that were hatched in our minds were wicked Col.1:21.

God always solves human problems by sowing a divine seed in a person: Moses, Joseph, Esther, Mary. What problems were you created to solve? The good works you do start with seeds of His word sown in your heart. Men will honour you for the solutions you proffer; you who know the source of the solution must acknowledge that the honour and glory belong to God. Then men will be drawn to Him.