The prophetic word bares all, for nothing is hidden in the realm of the spirit from where it is gleaned, unless God hides it Deut.29:29. What you receive must be believed and spoken until there is manifestation. If we allow what God has said to manifest in our lives, then we become His witnesses, testifying that there is none beside our God. As divine purpose is being accomplished in the life of every believer who enters into his own inheritance, each will make local, national or worldwide impact, as written. As trailblazers, we pass through gates, prepare the way for the people, remove barriers and set standards on earth according to heavenly blueprints. The Name of the Lord will be glorified by all and His praise will spring forth from the lips of men Is.62:10-11. This is the ultimate purpose of revelation knowledge of the things of God.

By the operation of the breath of His Spirit, God directs you to the place He wants you to go, for His word is a lamp, a light that guides your feet Ps.119:105. God is place-conscious; you become a god in your  place of assignment, the place of your greatness. Just like Joseph in Egypt, Moses in the wilderness, Daniel in Babylonian captivity. By paying attention to revelation, we will not stray from our place like birds that wander from their nest Prov.27:8 – physical or spiritual. We will not be deceived from our garden. By revelation everyone in God’s Kingdom will discover His purpose, his mission in life, his precise work.

Your job may sufficiently meet your needs, but it may not be the work you were created to do, the portion of the earth you are to tend and keep. You will find fulfilment in your work, people will be edified and God will be glorified. Moses trained to be a general in Pharaoh’s army but was called to be a prophet. Apostle Paul trained as a lawyer but was chosen to ‘know His will, and see the Just One, and hear the voice of His mouth’ that he may be His witnesses to all men of all that he saw and heard Acts.22:14-15. By the prophetic word, you enter into what God has prepared, your part in His Kingdom on earth.

You will do well to heed ‘the more sure prophetic word’ as ‘light that shines in a dark place’, illuminating your mind 2Pet.1:19-21. Open your ears to hear God and your eyes that you may observe Is.42:19-20. He alone can show you things that were hidden, things no one on earth can claim to have known; things unheard of until He reveals them to the prophets’ Is.48:6-7. What you hear and see is divine intelligence on God’s mind for you.

Your eyes are blessed to see, your ears to hear Mt.13:16. Even now you may look nothing like what God planned, but by strong faith you see with heavenly perspective, beyond the present. There are excellent things in God’s word which were long hidden from the wise and prudent; wondrous things which the eyes of faith only may see.. A good prayer to say regularly is found in Eph.1:17-19. When you know exactly what Christ is calling you to do, your faith stirs up the same exceeding great and mighty power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead resident in you, activated by the words you speak Rom.10:10.

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