Entrepreneurs are Seed-Sowers

The meaning of this prayer is two-fold. It meets the need of both the eater and the sower. Jesus did not suggest that God’s people continuously depend on a miracle-a-day for their sustenance! I believe before engaging in this prayer each one must ask and answer this question: The days when a substance looking and […]

Entrepreneurs Tend and Keep the Earth’s Resources

Entrepreneurs Tend and Keep the Earth’s Resources. Enterprise is built around a service or product which people need and are willing and able to pay for. The people of a place rife with problems are poised to get wealth, if only they would be creative in putting to work their God-given, problem-solving capabilities. In the […]

There is a River

There is a River They are keys to doors of business administration, human and other resource management, systems, procedures, strategies, and all other features which contribute to improving business performance and increasing profitability. They are laws which creation was designed to respect, light which occasions a lifting by whoever applies them. It is the ‘mountain […]

Spiritual Patterns Guarantee Success.

  As many as are willing to embrace the truth that the core of their being is their spirit – the one made in the image and likeness of God – will draw on the strength the Divine supplies to achieve all that is already available to them. They know success principles are keys which […]

Good Customer Service Stands on a Platform of Love.

 One of the reasons businesses slip towards decline and fail is the poor people management skills of business leaders. With the advent of numerous technological advancements and the vast – and continuously expanding – capabilities of the World Wide Web, the balance of power has shifted toward the skilled worker and the informed customer. The […]

Problem-Solving Generates Wealth.

  “Rather than ask “What product can I sell?”, the question which should be topmost on an entrepreneur’s mind is, “What problem can I solve?”  My thoughts today are hinged on Problem-Solving. First, excerpts from a Blog article titled “Choosing a Start-Up Business Model” of 9th September 2020: “If you think differently from others and care to […]

The Power of Focus on Vision and Purpose.

  Recommended learning material: 1.      A Vision Document Helps You Prioritize, Strategize and Actualize!’ – Blog article of         06/12/2015, Search by title and read the Blog article here. 2.    ‘How to Define the Strategic Intent of Your Business.’ – Instructional YouTube Videos. To watch go to: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPvAvvHbW4n7w9HfUjtwzGw [search by Playlist]. Do not forget […]

The Wealth of the Wealthy is Growing.

  On 25 January 2021, Oxfam International released a report titled, ‘The Inequality Virus’:  https://www.oxfam.ca/publication/the-inequality-virus-bringing-together-a-world-torn-apart-by-coronavirus/ For its analysis, Oxfam used Forbes’ ranking of billionaires’ net worth on its World’s Real-Time Billionaires list published in March 2020, and the Real-Time Ranking of 30 November 2020 and 31 December 2020. Let us consider a comparative example of […]

By Spiritual Intelligence Improve Business Performance.

  In the management of businesses and the people who help run them, there was a time when problems with an erring workforce were solved by brawn – the advantage of sheer managerial [positional] superiority – because that is all that was required. Should a team member not fall in line with the business owner’s […]

Business Model 6: Reverse Auction.

  In a ‘forward auction’, buyers bid for an item, they compete to obtain it [or a service] by offering increasingly higher prices. This is the traditional way of holding auctions to sell goods which are considered of premium quality. The seller seeks the highest bidder – the buyer who most values the ‘asset’. In […]