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‘The Good Father’ Package – Volume I, Volume II, & Prayers and Declarations. Let fathers be inspired and arise to apply knowledge of God’s word to devise their own means to take back their families from the snare of ungodly instructors. Let fathers launch a moral infrastructure where Godly values flow through a chain of […]

Let Wise Fathers Arise.

The world is at crossroads in many spheres of human existence.Without prejudice to race or continent, proof of lawlessness abounds in print and electronic media, the Internet and especially on the streets.These are clear consequences of degenerating moral, social and cultural values. The family unit, which used to be a safe haven – a cocoon […]

Divine Wisdom is Integral to Fathering Success. Part 1.

Fathers would agree that to raise children to be proud of in this day and age is challenging, to say the least.Without prejudice to race or continent, proof of lawlessness abounds: in Newspapers and Magazines, on Television newscasts, Radio programs, the Internet and especially on the streets.The strength of our moral fibre, and what legacies […]

More Benefits of Praying in Tongues for the Believing Father. Part 2.

By the work of the Holy Spirit, believers are being transformed to the image of ChristRom.8:29. More on praying in tongues: 1      1. The one who prays in tongues never loses sight of God’s promises, because he prays them; you wait in excitement mode, never complaining, anticipate every word of His to come to […]

What Benefits Praying in Tongues for the Believing Father? Part 1.

Tongues is a supernatural sign that follows believers Mk.16:17, it isevidence of our connection to the heavenly realm. Being the initial sign of the baptism of the Holy Spirit Acts.2:4,it is an overflow that overwhelms us with God’s awesomeness. Who would not want such Gift? Our spirituality is critical to success at living the abundant […]

When God’s Spirit Plants Seeds of His Will, the Harvest is Bountiful.

Fathers may learn elements of son-ship from Jesus. As He prayed to the Father, so must they, for men ought always to prayLk.18:1. What must a father pray? The same as Jesus taught – God’s will. No other foundation for fathering can be laid but to emulate successful fathering from the Almighty God Himself, the […]

A Blessed Father Passes on Relationship with God.

Jesus absorbed all the agony of the Cross that those who believe may enjoy the benefit of son-ship of the Father in heaven. His gift of an abundant life here on earth and everlasting life after, constitute eternal life, the zoe Life of Christ. It is unfortunate that many believing fathers – to whom much […]

I Have a Father in Heaven. Part 3.

The Lord God Almighty is the ultimate Father. His blessing is generational in nature, purposed to be continuous, therefore, the only two ways by which children may miss being blessed is if fathers either fail to bless them, or speak over them what God did not say: ‘Who is he who speaks and it comes […]

For Optimum Performance, Every Creature Need Be Blessed. Part 2.

To bless is to submit all that you are and have to another, for his benefit, therefore, failure to bless children may lead to stunted growth, underachievement and frustration: no blessing, no empowerment. No demon can break the power of the spoken word; from the lips of God to the ears of fathers, then from […]

The Blessing is in the Mouth of Father-Priests: Part 1.

Every child of God is redeemed to fulfil a heavenly agenda – a Godly vision leading to a glorious destiny. This is what gives value to our sojourn on earth. To secure our spiritual destiny is to guarantee the fulfilment of other aspects of our destiny. A person is a success who accomplishes all that […]