We continue
to draw lessons from Scriptural accounts on the advantages of an understanding

UnderstandingSets the Limits of What Your Faith
without money and without price’. Concerned about the status of His
people in captivity, Daniel sought and found Jeremiah’s prophecy – that after 70
years of desolation the people’s suffering would be over and they could return
to Jerusalem. He pursued God on the matter, and, despite all opposition,
received answer to prayer. Upward movement in the physical realm is a challenge
without understanding aerodynamics. There is a spiritual dimension to this. An
atmosphere subsists in the realm of the spirit, the heavenly places where the
prince of the air reigns overdarkness and spiritual wickedness.

By understanding that you are seated‘in Christ’far above principalities, powers, rulers of darkness
and spiritual wickedness
,you are
transported to the place where to get the answers you seek.

You go boldly to obtain mercy and
find grace at the feet of Jesus to get your desire.

Makes You
Resourceful.A poor
person with understanding can convert his status and close the gap
between himself and the rich. Did not God’s word say god who made the rich and
the poor is no respecter of persons? New light differentiates our seasons. By discerning
the times, we activate seasons of life by right actions.

Like farmers who, with understanding of climatic
seasons, plant seed in due season and reap harvest, our fields yield bounteous
harvest and our barns are always full.

The widow of Zarephath knew what she had in
her hand but did not know how to apply it for profit. Her interchange with
Elisha gave her understanding of divine agenda for turning her situation around.
She did as directed and flourished where she had previously despaired.

UnderstandingProperly Definesthe Things Which Engage You. You know
what to allow and to which things to say a resounding ‘No’. Even
where you do not see immediate results of your efforts, you are assured of
eventual success. Faith is a product of revelation, the antithesis of sight.
Your faith grows with increasing understanding of God, who He is and what He
has done for you.

Trust in God’s ability not yours. Add patience to the
mix and make quantum leaps from a place of rest.

Nehemiah, the king’s cupbearer, was upset by
news of the deplorable state of Jerusalem but he neither rushed to raise funds
from among the people to rebuild it, nor did he have town hall meetings to
discuss the matter. He prayed to the One he knew would already have a plan and
waited. In due course the king asked what he needed. By understanding Nehemiah was
prepared with a precise ‘ask’. It is no wonder the king granted him
all, according to God’s favour upon him.

By understanding you know not to seek man’s help with
what only God can do.