Values help you focus on being the best version
of yourself. For instance, having a 24 hr-a-day commitment to say what you mean,
mean what you say, and live by your word doing the right thing, your strive for
excellence is not a strategy but a never-ending process.

Your values are the
building blocks of a concrete wall that you lean on while embracing changes
occurring in every other aspect of life. Standing on the rock of strong values,
failure may be an option, but it is not final, it represents hiddenopportunity. You are never afraid to venture into
the unknown because values keep you relevant in whatever arena you choose to be
a player. A true sense of value keeps you grounded, assurance of your ability
to build your destiny endows you with unlimited potential, you have capacity to
create, innovate and achieve more. Values are the litmus test for all you
think, say, and do, the
plumb line for every decision
, the factor that controls what you
can achieve, or not. Imbibing and practising life-enhancing values grants you a
good dose of self-esteem which helps your pursuit of carefully considered goals
with confidence until accomplishment. You love what you do and do what you

In this final series on change to the self, we
will examine the need for business leaders to review the strength of their
values in driving business success, post COVID-19. Be reminded thatChange
is a long process, whereas transformation can be immediate
because it results from the understanding which comes as
knowledge – light – dawns. Your dawn is when you wake up.
Use the period of lock-down to incubate.

Every kind of change has its own implementation challenges and may increase
discomfort – at least until you immerse in the novel behaviour which reinforces
your altered state
. One thing is certain, a clear, well-reasoned case
for change inspires you through the process and will save time and effort as
you progress.

To bridge the gap
between where you are now and where you want to be, the first thing that needs
to change is your mind.

Your values are the core of your personality,
they are foundational to who you are and want to become. What happens on the
outside is influenced by what is on the inside.How
to know what values to imbibe?
When you know what raises your
self-esteem, what makes you feel comfortable in your own skin and happy, you
will have discovered your true values. Write down your guiding principles on
managing relationships, finance, health, work etc., and commit to live
consistently by them. Your values determine your beliefs, beliefs influence
expectations, expectation affects attitude, and attitude drives actions.Just as Albert Einstein suggested, problems
are rarely solved at the level they were created: we need think on higher
plane! An Apostle in the marketplace is from a higher realm, s/he is positioned
in that industry to ‘occupy’, bring light to and ‘salt’
that Sector. Act like you know who you are.

Ultimately, your actions mirror your values.

Even if your environment or pedigree
influenced you with undesirable attributes making your current value system
warped, imagine there is a store from where to purchase values. Knowing that Integrity is the
highest value which guarantees commitment to live by all others, select it from
the store and say to yourself: ‘I am destined to be great in life
because I have integrity’.

proves you are worthy to represent the best practice, not compromising
principles or purpose, whatever it costs, delivering quality every time,
against all odds.An integrity-driven business owner resists the
temptation to use inferior materials or cut corners knowing that dissatisfied
customers tell potential ones of a bad experience and will cost him more in
lost sales than saved on cheaper materials. Now more than ever before when
business playing fields are saturated, the world seeks people of character who
do right by people, whatever their status and deliver value at every
opportunity. Business failure due to lack of good corporate governance was an
alarming worldwide phenomenon before the pandemic. Buyers will be drawn to
reputable companies who love their products and services enough to want to
share them. Business integrity strengthens your reputation, assure continuous