God’s covenant with man is between the strong and the weak. In Abraham He found one to produce Godly seed and do on earth what He required, by His enablement, via the Blessing. What Abraham required done in heaven, God accomplished on his behalf, for the heavens rule in the affairs of men. Only God could have released Sarai from Abimelech’s hold.

Whereas the covenant with Abraham involved the shedding of the blood of innocent beasts and birds Gen.15:9-10, God provided for Himself a sacrificial Lamb, His Son, to cut covenant with believers. John the Baptist rightly described Jesus as ‘the Lamb of God who took away the sin of the world’ Jn.1:29. The giving of His life was a once-for-all sacrifice. By His death Jesus mediated a new covenant which makes all who have faith in Him partakers of the promises of God Eph.3:6. Positioned in Christ your covenant with your Father makes you indomitable, blessed Acts.3:25b.

You need understand the nature of this covenant relationship with the Almighty through Christ, and know what is deposed to you in God’s will, that you may manifest as a tree of righteousness, the planting of the Lord. The work of Christ was manifold:

A. His death justified you, removed your transgressions, sins and iniquities such that God remembers them no more Jer.31:34. God promised to establish the seed of Abraham in the righteousness from Him Is.54:14. Christ fulfilled this prophecy when God ‘made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him’ 2Cor.5:21.

B. His chastisement purchased your peace; His Body was bruised to secure your healing; His resurrection reconciled you to your Father, granted you the very life of Christ Tit.3:7 now and forever. Christ took back man’s dominion from the one who stole it at Eden and returned it to sons of God Eph.1:5, joint-heirs with Jesus. This is your inheritance Eph.1:11: the Kingdom of God prepared for you from the foundation of the world Mt.25:34. For this reason Jesus taught on the Kingdom.

C. Having been saved from the wrath of God 2Cor.2:15, you have hope of everlasting life with Christ in the Father’s abode. As you allow His Spirit to work in you, you are being saved, working out your salvation Phil.2:12, growing in Grace and the knowledge of Christ. You will be saved at the end when all men are judged Mt.24:13.

D. God also promised to give the seed of Abraham a new heart and to put His Spirit within them, cause them to desire His will, to inhabit their own land, and to multiply their fruit Ezek.36:26-30. All of this is fulfilled when you accept Jesus as Saviour and Lord. Your heart is regenerated, circumcised ‘in the Spirit’ Rom.2:29. You receive grace for obedience to the faith Rom.1:5; you are sealed with the Holy Spirit that Jesus promised Jn.14:26, the guarantee that your inheritance is sure Eph.1:13-14. You are led to inhabit your own ‘land’ as God’s Spirit reveals all that was prepared for you 1Cor.2:10.

Having entered into covenant relationship with God, like father Abraham you belong to Him, are one with Him, represent Him as ambassador of His Kingdom. What God needs to do on earth you do for Him, by His grace; what you ask to be done in the name if Jesus, God accomplishes on your behalf. God respects covenant. He proved it over and over in Scripture and continues to do so in the lives of His people. Knowledge of what Christ did helps you understand your identity in Him.

In covenant with the Most High you have unlimited access to His throne room; a portal is perpetually open to grant you audience Heb.4:16. You are privy to what is written concerning you. Like Jesus because you partake of conversations in heaven, you say what you hear and do what the Father approves. Even in the midst of challenges you can relax in the knowledge that all must be accomplished, for the things concerning you have an end Lk.22:37.

You are a king and priest Rev.5:10 of God’s Kingdom, destined to rule in the sectors over which you have influence. Your creativity and ingenuity draw those in the world to your light Is.60:3, to desire your works because you carry treasure, heavenly blueprints emanating from the excellent power of God working in you 2Cor.4:7. You should live the abundant life on earth for your spirituality puts you in command of your environment, your circumstances, as you walk in the will of God. God shares His secrets with you; He does nothing in your domain without first telling you, His beloved, you know what others do not. Men see God in you; they favour you because you have the favour of God, being accepted in the Beloved Eph.1:6.

Why are many believers not walking in the knowledge of their true identity? Read next Blog.