6. Engage Spiritual Mapping: You are chosen and strengthened to bear the weak, to edify them, not to please yourself Rom.15:1, therefore, more than anyone else, you need be aware of what God is doing in your sphere of influence, your environment. Your assignment is first and foremost spiritual, for everything that happens on earth is first settled in the Spirit realm. You are king and priest to God in your domain, set over it to root out principalities, pull down powers, destroy rulers of darkness in that sphere and to throw down spiritual wickedness in heavenly places. You are seated in Christ far above all these Eph.1:17-23. Having made the atmosphere Kingdom-friendly, your part is also to build and to plant, according to heavenly pattern Jer.1:10. God will share His plans for your area of purview with you for He knows that He can trust you.

Know your part. The watchman over a city never sleeps or slumbers. God’s Spirit in you makes you His representative. Be conscious of this and always seek revelation of Him concerning your domain. He alone can declare what is, was and will be. As His chosen servant you must know and believe Him, understand that He is God. Your life must witness that there is none like Him. Men must look to you to know what is trending (!). What God will do you must know Is.43:19.

Get into your rightful position in the realm of the spirit. Abigail knew David would be king even though she was not present when Samuel anointed him. Therefore, she counselled him not to jeopardise his calling by shedding the blood of Naval, her husband. She also knew well enough to negotiate her inclusion in his life by the way she responded to the need to feed David’s men 1Sam.25:2-42. You need know when the heavens open to you, and what to say and do to maximise these moments.

When you are God-sent, all systems – political, economic and social – are made ready to accommodate your presence; they are prepared for your showing, to favour you. Legislation was  passed for Jesus to show up and be counted in Bethlehem Mt.2:1-11. There the kings from the east acknowledged Him as King of kings, and gave Him gifts. You are hidden until the world is ready for your manifestation, for you to come into prominence. The world needs the solution you carry, but it must want it first.

Open your spiritual eyes to discern conditions, seasons and atmospheric shifts.

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