4. Keep Your Eye on the Ball: You have heard it said that focus is blindness. A child of prophecy prays thus: Lord, show me what is written about me that I may come in the volume of the book to do Your will Heb.10:7, then gets in the presence of the Lord of the prophets. This is the place to experience times of refreshing, to get direction for the fulfilment of all that is revealed concerning you. There, you commit your way to Him that He may bring it to pass; you rest, patiently hear what He will say, not fretting Ps.37:5-7; you receive the instruction of wisdom, knowledge, discretion, and attain wise counsel Prov.1:2-5.

God’s purpose for you cannot be achieved without His word; Mary knew this one thing is needed, Martha missed it.

Live life on purpose; remove all obstacles to your advancement. One such is refusal to let go of the past. Decide between holding on to old memories, good or bad, and freeing yourself for new, exhilarating experiences. If you allow, people who hurt you and things that caused you pain will keep you bound in bitterness and regret. Forgive yourself and others, God forgives all. Accept your current situation; it is your present truth. This is not to be complacent. Seek relevance and you will find the best in your here and now. Be intentional in acknowledging your part in the success or failures of the past; take away the lessons learned, to renegotiate your future. Recognise that broken eggs and spilt milk are irredeemable; create new memories. Do not sneak destiny-killing things, people and habits into your present.

Finally, let your commitment to the whole counsel of God be total. Give your life and also your heart; be sold out to Jesus who gave His all for you. Forsake all else to follow Him. Choose to remain in Christ; fruitfulness comes from abiding in the Vine, God’s Word.

To give your all to Christ is to enjoy a higher quality of life!  Just as God gave a Son to gain many sons, those who give their all must not consider that they have lost anything. Rather, expect gain on your giving.

The story of Joseph illustrates the benefit of serving God with all that you are and have. By the wisdom of God, the Hebrew Agriculture Minister of Egypt devised strategies for food security, and preserved nations. He received in exchange more than enough to meet all needs – even a wife!

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