The most effective device of the enemy of our glorious destinies is in our minds. It enters as a thought or imagination, a seed planted by what is seen or heard. Thus Apostles Paul warned the church at Corinth to pull down ‘strong holds‘, cast down ‘imaginations‘, and hold captive ‘every thought to the obedience of Christ.’ 2Cor.10:3-5. Strong holds are blindfolds of the mind, weeds; self-depreciating thoughts lead us to make decisions and take actions in error. They are the consequence of wrong believing,  sometimes due to wrong teaching and at other times the result of wrong associations. We need recognise opposing forces which may become the enemy within and shut the door on the devil, not by physical strength but by wisdom Prov.21:22 found in God’s word.

We continue the discourse on things that work against our fruitfulness after sowing good seed.

3. Willingness to Surrender All: The redeemed overcome the enemy by three things: the Blood of the Lamb, the word of his testimony, and his willingness to give his life for the cause of Christ Rev.12:11. This last is critical to reaping a bounteous harvest. Why is this so? All parties have a part to play to activate a covenant. Whereas the first two are divinely enabled, surrendering ourselves to the Lordship of Jesus Christ is our covenant responsibility, a choice we make. It positions us to benefit fully from covenant with God.

Jesus put His life in the Hand of the only One able to give it back to Him; by His resurrection, the power of death was made null and void 1Cor.15:55-57. If we trust He who achieved this feat with our lives, death to self transitions us to the high life, in Christ. But we should not take back what we gave by our thoughts, words and actions.

Our walk with God takes us through valleys, mountains and places in between. Every place we are positioned is for service; every position has a place for submission. God does not promise that you will be appreciated there, for your service is to Him not to man. Do not be frustrated because your voice is not heard, when the people you meet there do not please you. Endure Js.1:12, do not be tempted to walk away from the place you are called to stay, fly away from your nest. In the place where you seem irrelevant, do not contaminate seeds you sowed, ruin what God purposed to use to bless you by allowing negative thoughts, feelings of low self-esteem, or complaining. Rather, maintain a meek posture, continuing to serve there with love. All things you ‘go through’ are part of a process to make you ready, a mature son who will be “settled’ 1Pet.5:10. All will work together for your good because you love God and are among the called. Like Jesus, all that is written about you will be accomplished Lk.22:37.

God expects us to abandon ourselves, to cast down our crowns at His feet in absolute surrender to His sovereignty, that Christ may increase in us. Therefore, He gives grace to the humble Js.4:6, lifts up the meek Ps.147:6, those positioned to receive from the Giver of all good gifts. Meekness is no sign of weakness, but of strength from God’s Spirit within us; the meek inherit the earth Mt.5:5.

4. Demonstration of the Character of God: By spiritual rebirth sons of God are no longer mere men Jn.1:12-13. Having the mind of Christ, we become people of integrity, doing justice and mercy, by His all-sufficient, abounding grace, taking on the very life of our Father. We recognise that though all things are available not all are expedient for us to have. By exercise of financial integrity, we engage debt-free living, owe no man nothing but love. We know that no measure of giving negates our responsibility to do right by God and man Js.1:12,  to provide for our own. We do not steal, cheat, or disobey God to have anything, knowing that we are blessed, that God opened His heavenly treasures. Therefore, we put our hands to diligent work, expecting Him to bless our work.

People of integrity know that worship of God is incomplete without fellowship with man. We do not claim to love God when we do not love men whom we see, for everything we do to men is done to God. We do not dishonour parents and the elderly and think there will be no consequence Exd.20:12. We are not afraid to give our best to hallow our God, not just with our lips but also with our hearts Mt.15:3-9. Being partakers of divine nature, given ‘exceedingly great and precious promises2Pet.1:4, we are no longer ruled by the flesh, but by our spirits; we do not run on the steam of our own strength but on the energy of the supernatural, able to think, look and speak like God. Everything we see Jesus do we can do also, for He came to model what it means to be in the image of God. Those who relate with us see Christ in us,  enabling us to do all things prescribed for fruit-bearing Jn.15:4-5. This is the true identity of sons of God, not by our power but by His Spirit.

Next post: Seedtime and harvest is a spiritual principle. When you have sown, do works by faith; put in the sickle to reap the harvest.