Jesus likened God’s Kingdom to a man planting seed and going to sleep, rising up day and night, watching the plant grow but not knowing how, for the earth springs forth by itself. At harvest time he puts in the sickle and reaps the fruit of what he sowed Mk.4:26-29. The working of this Kingdom by the agricultural principle assures that your fruit is the harvest of the seeds you plant, that what you do unto others will be done to you, that whatever leaves your life makes room for what is coming back Mt.7:12, 17. God is a Rewarder of what we do. However, it is possible to lose His reward not just by the things we fail to do, but also by the thoughts of our hearts and the words we speak!

What things may contaminate our seed – even our ground – deplete our harvest, cause our giving in worship of the Almighty to be in vain? Our harvest is our inheritance from He who gives all good gifts Js.1:17. None can depreciate it’s quality or quantity unless we allow, not even the devil, for it is in Christ, the best God has to offer.

In this and the next post, let us examine some harvest-shrinking agents!

1. Our Heart Status: Our covenant with God comes into force when our hearts are circumcised, when we believe, just like Abraham Acts.7:51. It is reinforced as the seeds of God’s word sown into the soil of our hearts bear fruit that is evident for all to see Gal.5:22-23. Our entrance into the Kingdom of God is marked by fruitfulness, not just in character, but also in material things. Everything is done for us, every need is met, when we believe.

Therefore, we who understand the giving protocol, that we live by a pre-ordained cycle of seedtime and harvest, need guard our hearts from unbelief entering through the ear, eye and mouth gates. With the heart we believe and in the heart sin is birthed. What separates us from God, defiles our harvest, deprives us from enjoying His reward, comes from within. In the parable if the Sower, Jesus avowed that the ground on which the seed of God’s word falls is the heart. There, it is either made fertile for fruitfulness or starved of nutrients resulting in low or no productivity.

Do not allow your heart status impact your fruitfulness negatively. The Rewarder sees your heart.

2. The Words We Speak: Our hearts and mouths work in consonance. Thus the defilement of the heart is expressed in spoken words Mt.15:11, 18-20. What the heart believes the mouth speaks Rom. 10:10. The essence of daily living by faith in God is knowing that observance of seedtime and harvest works in our favour, being guided by His Spirit in our sowing, for all we do is to God who alone can reward us. By faith, when we have sown good seed, we need wait patiently Heb. 10:36, not in complaining but in worship mode, for our harvest. As we do this the things we desire will move from the spiritual realm where they are stored Eph.1:3 to our physical space where our hands can touch them. To murmur is to invite the Destroyer 1Cor.10:10.

Recognising that the words we speak are seed, we must not contaminate the good seed sown by planting weeds alongside it, speak negatively about God, ourselves and others, even where they do not hear us. We who are returned to God’s image and likeness are engraved unto the Vine; our fruit must reflect our root, for the tree is known by its fruit Mt.12:33. We must not allow blessing and cursing flow from the same mouth Js.3:10. Its this simple: to bless is to enable, to curse is to disable. To experience the Hand of God we need create and sustain around us an enabling atmosphere for Him to work, like Jesus who put out the mourners in Jairus’ house, keeping in the room where the dead girl lay only those who could maintain an attitude of worship.

Having sown, be still and trust God. Do not ruin the seeds you are prompted to sow, the gifts He purposed to use to bless you. The one who can rule his tongue is a perfect man Js.3:2.