The priority of Jesus while on earth was to testify of the nature, culture and provisions of the Kingdom of God. We who constitute His Body, chosen to become bona fide citizens, in whom dwells the Spirit of Christ, have the mandate to continue the work of the Father, that men may know Him and be drawn to enter into all things required for the abundant life on earth and everlasting life in eternity.

Over the next few posts we will examine six ways by which this mandate may be accomplished.

1. By Testifying of Jesus Christ: The benefits of the work of our Lord Jesus Christ manifest in the lives of us who believe it. What we know of Him is found in God’s word and in our daily experiences, and of others who trust Him. When we speak of Jesus, we confirm to men that all they require for a Godly life is received via the knowledge of God and of Jesus 2Pet.1:2. They learn of His goodness, how He rescued us from the corruption of the world – the list of the eyes and of the flesh, and the pride of life – and transported us from the Kingdom of darkness into His marvellous Light. We know Him not just by the things we hear preached about Him, but also by our numerous encounters with Him – His mercy, grace, power. We testify of Him to invite men to desire to encounter Him too. No sane person wants to sit in the dark!

Our testimonies must be two-fold. The one is a declaration of what is hoped for, already secured in the spiritual realm; His precious promises to those in covenant with Him, ‘every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ’ Eph.1:3. Should the Father of a minor die and leave a testament of the child’s entitlement, it must be considered that the inheritance already belongs to the child, irrespective of the time of appropriation.

The other is to testify to what we have experienced; after the manifestation of God’s presence in us, we need give Him glory, that men may know that nothing we achieved was by our own power, but by His power working in us Eph.1:19. We need be like Jesus who never testified of man, or even of Himself, but of God, what He saw and heard Jn.3:32.

Need proof that talking about Jesus draws men to Him?

* The Samaritan woman at the well left her water pot and went into the city to testify of Jesus, for she was overwhelmed by what she heard Jn.4:28-30. The men who heard followed her to hear Him by themselves and were utterly convinced that He was the Saviour of the world Jn.4:39-42.

* After the people in Jerusalem were amazed by the overflow of Pentecost, Peter testified of Jesus and three thousand souls were added to the believers Acts.2:40-41.

* Apostle Paul talked about Jesus in person, in messages and in letters to brethren.

Believers must never be ashamed of the Gospel – the Good News – of Christ, or relent in talking about God’s Kingdom. By this we lead men to the solutions already provided for every challenge of life, even to their own portion of what God prepared for those who love Him 1Cor.2:9.

This kind of evangelism requires that we know God, spend time meditating on His word, receive revelation knowledge of His will via His breath on it. God’s words are ‘dark sayings’ of His strength and the wonderful works He has done, that have been passed down for generations Ps.78:2-4. These accomplished works, kept secret from the foundation of the world, were not only revealed by Jesus in parables Mt.13:35, but are also, by the enablement of the Holy Spirit, shared with those who take time to search the Scriptures, such as Peter, Paul, James and believers. Let us apply our hearts to know God, keep His words within us, fixed on our lips. Like Mary the mother of Jesus who kept the sayings of the angel concerning the God-man she would conceive, in her heart, the overflow of this knowledge will cause us to say: ‘Whatever He says to you, do it’ Jn.2:5. The right words are impactful Job.6:25; we will see result that benefits all.

Keep talking about Jesus. Men will be awed by His goodness; they will desire to know Him by themselves, discover who they were created to be, reject what they have become if not aligned with this knowledge, and have their minds opened up to receive all that He has given to those who believe.