3. God’s Work is Accomplished via the Agency of His Spirit: In the pre-Christ era, the Spirit of God would move men, instruct them on what to say, write or do, and fill them with passion to obey. Then He would leave. Jesus received the Spirit of God in fullness after His water baptism and so began His ministry. He baptized those commissioned to proclaim the gospel with the Holy Spirit, as prophesied by John the Baptist Acts.1:5. On the day of Pentecost His promise of power from on high was fulfilled Acts.2:1-4. Thus began the time prophesied by Joel that God would pour His Spirit upon all flesh Joel.2:28.

The works of Christ manifest in those who have received this precious Gift.. The operations of the Spirit of God in believers are manifold: Fear of the Lord, Counsel, Might, Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom and the fullness of the Holy Spirit. This is not the objective of this discourse. Study the subject for revelation on the power of God available through His Spirit in you and ask for wisdom on profitable application of your empowerment, to impact on relational, financial and other realities. You short-change yourself if you limit the influence of the Spirit to only spiritual matters.

Our focus here is on the spiritual gifts available to believers discussed by Apostle Paul in 1Cor.12. The ‘diversities of gifts’ of the Spirit of God, the ‘differences of administrations’ of the Lord, and the ‘diversities of operations’ empowered by our God, are features of the ministry of the Holy Spirit that make us effective at the Father’s work, drawing souls into His Kingdom. By these we are fully equipped for witnessing. Study this chapter on the nine gifts and you will discover the power that lies latent  in you.

When Jesus gave the commission to disciple the nations, He also gave tools for accomplishment: power over all spirits to cast out demons, heal the sick, and perform signs and wonders. Clearly this indicates that men are drawn to His Kingdom by proofs of its problem-solving capabilities. Spiritual gifts meet this need.

I offer some thoughts on spiritual gifts:

* The gifts, administrations’ and operations of the One who enabled Jesus in His earthly ministry are available for your use too, as you allow by your faith;

* No one has exclusive right to any or all of these gifts, none is the preserve of church leaders. The Spirit empowers everyone as He wills;

* God desires that we care for each other therefore, the distribution of gifts is for advantage to yourself and others, not to hurt any;

* These attributes can manifest in you at different times, as required, when you ‘earnestly desire’ them. Our Father always wills to give good things to His sons who ask in Jesus’ name Mt.7:11. It is up to you to ask for the appropriate gift as expedient, believing you have what you ask.