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Entrepreneurs Tend and Keep the Earth’s Resources.

Enterprise is built around a service or product which people need and are willing and able to pay for. The people of a place rife with problems are poised to get wealth, if only they would be creative in putting to work their God-given, problem-solving capabilities.
In the beginning, a pattern was set for the creation and sustenance of all things. It assures the performance of the command to ‘tend and keep’ the abundant resources placed on, in and around planet earth.

What the Creator said at every stage of the creation process, he believed and took requisite action to bring to pass. Business owners and managers who follow this divine process in a cyclical manner to create, develop, sustain a venture, and grow it into a profitable enterprise, will achieve unprecedented success, by faith.
These disruptors of status quo are rewarded for committing to the prescribed building model for progressively climbing the business success ladder.

By without-the-box thinking [Faith in God and Self] an entrepreneur who chooses to adhere to spiritual patterns will receive strategies to shift seasons, and by sheer perseverance advance to positions of advantage over every opposing force, out of every limiting situation, to generate wealth and be financially empowered.
Take quantum leaps, strut the earth as an over-comer, go through gates, build up highways, take out stones, prepare the way for those coming after, and lift banners to show many the way to glorious destinies.
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