The spirit of the one
born of the Spirit of God is alive, returned to His ‘image and likeness’,
no longer separated from God as was the first man who disobeyed God and ‘died’.
Empowered to become the you in His mind before your body was
formed in your mother’s wombJer.1:5,
you are no longer a mere man; you do not run on the steam of your own strength
but on the energy of the supernatural. Being of divine nature you can think,
look, speak and act like Him. The only limits to what you can achieve are the
ones you set over yourself. The Stronger has swallowed your weakness; you can
do all things because Christ in you gives you strengthPhil.4:13.

For enduring wealth from business success, you need
ask, seek and knock:asking is toward
God in prayer, to receive guidance; seeking involves searching with the mind,
to find opportunities that lead to realisation of what you ask;
by knocking you
take continuous guided action to achieve set goals. This must be a continuous
process, for as long as you desire for your business to thrive.

Great things happen when the divine and human collaborate.

However, in order to not
ask amiss, you need know God’s will for you, your business, your sector – His
thoughts, ideas, intentions, and communications which lead to an ‘expected
Jer.29:13.Your knowledge
of God, His will, leads to apre-determined outcome: you receive all that you need for a Godly life –
the abundant life offered to citizens of His Kingdom here on earth, and everlasting
life with Him in heaven. This advantage is for you who has ‘the mind of