No one rises by chance but on the strength of knowledge
[light]; we go up intentionally, not just by desire but by revelation.Should any law of creationnot work in your life or business does not negate it, what you need is an
encounter to grasp its rules of engagement.The possibilities in the God of Creation are not limited by
His power, but by your alignment to His will.

Your chances of walking
in error are minimized when you either consult God’s word to discern His
written will or get his revealed will on matters unique to you, your own space.
The communication of His desire on your personal issue will not be found in
scripture, it is tailor-made for you therefore not transferable to another. The
ways of God cannot be understood except He reveals Himself to the seeker; you will
advance with clearer understanding of His will per time, followed by an
exercise of requisite action.

Three modes by which
God’s will may be known are exclusively via the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
The first is by dreams, visions and supernatural experiences.Joel.2; the second is the prophetic [must
be filtered using knowledge of God’s word]; the third is by praying in the Spirit1Cor.14:2. Now you know why you need His

Those prepared for the
level of intimacy that gets God engaged in their affairs know this: the road to
the throne is the Cross, it is not by group tours, but via a lonely yet
extremely rewarding journey. God allows constraints to cause you to seek Him as
a full-time pursuit; it is a furnace to purify you. It’s not easy to be king; you
bear scars as testaments of encounters with Him, but at end you will be
snatched from the fire of affliction. Your present troubles are small and will
not last long, yet they produce in and through you a glory that will far
outweigh them and will last for ever. This is the crux of enduring wealth: the
things we endure in the present will soon give way to the things we cannot yet
see but which will last for generations.

The nature of your
calling defines the level of your training; He is a jealous God, not wanting
anything or anyone to take His place of pre-eminence in your heart.

Greatness is a burden you
need be prepared to handle else pride may cause you to forget God – the one who
supplied you with power to get wealth – worship another, and ‘certainly be