the Cross at Calvary the way to an abundant life here on earth – blessings,
glory, riches, honour, wisdom, strength, power – and everlasting life was
opened to you. As a business leader in covenant relationship with God, His
Spirit in you will reveal all that His Kingdom prepared1Cor.2:10,Eph.1:11from before the foundation of the worldMt.25:34.

Here are someof what the Blessing bestows on you:

·  There is no hindrance to the supernatural power of
God working through you. By it, you tap into God’s fullness, receive solutions
to complex problems, interpret situations, understand matters; and the full inventory of heaven is at your
immediate disposal to always make a demand;

·  Because it is terrible to be found in
a place where Gods anointing hasn’t preceded, you will be divinely guided [as
you ask, seek and knock] to fulfil your wealth generation assignment. This is
not the experience of those who struggle and suffer to access the next
dimension, whose decisions are based on often limited information and level of
exposure. Without divine direction what one thinks is illumination may be

·  God commands everything to work in
your assigned place, if you depend on your strength alone, you will likely miss
His plan. Nothing compares to wisdom from the only Wise One; His words are
instructions which guarantee the success of every endeavour, even do the
impossible. Peter received one word from Jesus and walked on water;

·  At times when confused about how to
achieve your desired results, as you pray the Spirit of God positions you in
His will;

·  You receive strategies to shift your seasons, break
you into another, advance, progress, be elevated, and are placed in position of
advantage over every opposing force; you can exploit emerging possibilities,
take bold steps, big risks, always knowing what to do.