Because God is in your camp, He causes showers of
blessing to come down in their season, and the earth to yield its increase to
you;great things happen to you every day of the year, you strut the earth
as an over-comer and enjoy great victories when youboldly and confidently activate faith in HimEph.3:12.

Here are moreof what the Blessing
bestows on you:

·  Faith is currency, the mode by which all that is in
your hand is multiplied. Byputting astonishing faith to work, youaccess heavenly blueprints for success in business
and every sphere of life,

·  God sets before you open doors that none can shut,every door that was illegally or illegitimately
closed before you will open –eventhose
men say are impossible to open;

·  Where the environment is challenging,being a co-worker with God, you are anxious
for nothing1Cor.3:8; the peace of God
rules in your heartCol.3:15; it strengthens you,
helps you wait on the Lord, able to mount up with wings as eagles, walk and not

·  God gives you creative ideas to produce witty inventions that give your
businesses unimaginable wealth and riches.Being in continuous fellowship with His Spirit, you are always established in
present truth2Pet.1:12. You determine whattrends;

·  As a citizen of God’s Kingdom, you always switch to
divinity for solutions, commands from the King of kings;

·  The Blessing preserves your life, makes you
prominent, powerful, proficient, prosperous, and perceptive – seeing what
others can’t see, going where they can’t and doing what they can’t. God teaches
you what no school or experience canPs.18:34-35;

·  God positions you in the right place at the right time.If by the law of association Peter’s friends got
fish and Lot was blessed by following Abraham, you will join faith with
divinely appointed partners to do great work to appropriate wealth. All systems
will adjust to accommodate you. By a strong faith base, there are things you
can do to grow your business others dare not!