Faith growth
is a cycle. Believe the ‘word of faith’ that you ‘hear’ and confess it with your mouth to
cause ‘salvation’ to occur in every
area of your life Rom.10:10. As you hear, believe and speak God’s word,
act on it and you will see Him manifest. Then you will desire to ‘hear’ more of it, and to achieve more by
faith in Him.

What then is
the challenge? Why are believers [the just] generally not living the abundant
life purposed by the heavenly Father [by faith]? Many do not know what to do to
get the desired result.

There is always
something for you to do for your faith to produce. Just like the farmer who
plants a seed and waters it for a good harvest, plant the seed of God’s word in
your heart, and water it regularly with guided activity. This is how God
purposed for things to work on earthGen.8:22. Acknowledge His power in you and put it to
work in requisite action. All that you need for the good life – every resource
required – is already available for you to draw by actions in faith, based on
your trust in God.

Faith in God
will make you do unusual things as
directed by Him:

Like march
around a wall for seven days, causing it to fall down flat, no ramming

Like throw
down your nets again to catch a multitude of fish, even after toiling in vain
all night;

Like draw water
from a pot and discover as you drink that it has turned to wine.

To know what
to do to get your faith to produce the desired result is wisdom. Get it from
the SourceProv.4:7. Ask and
receiveJas.1:5. It will
serve you better than goldProv.16:16!