bless is to submit all that you are and have to another, for his benefit,
therefore, failure to bless children may lead to stunted growth, underachievement
and frustration: no blessing, no empowerment. No demon can break the power of
the spoken word; from the lips of God to the ears of fathers, then from their
lips as instructions to ministering angels. A word from the mouth of the
father-prophet secures the spiritual destiny of the child for it opens the
heavens above him, making him conscious of all that his Creator already made
available to him. The Blessing makes him rich in all thingsProv.10:22

If children would continuously hear the voice of fathers speaking over them,
declaring God’s will for them, they would have the courage to surmount every
challenge, the strength to climb every mountain, and the boldness to brace
every storm. They would know that because God said so, rivers will not overflow
them, fires will not burn them, and that victory is certain over tribulation on
the journey of purpose achievement. To eat the fruit of the creative words you
speak into their lives, recognize that your words carry in them the power to do
much more than you specify, therefore, let what comes out of your mouth confirm
the picture that you ‘see’ in your
heart, the one the Spirit of God put there. Let your children benefit from the
outpouring of your heart, for the mouth must speak what the heart believesRom.10:10;
make available all that you are and have, to grant them advantage. Fathers who
bless their children can end pain in their lives.

God taught at
creation by His words and provisions that every creature need be blessed to empower it to function
chapters 1 & 2
. He spoke the heavens and the
earth into being and put in place everything to make them work optimally. Like
God, speak, and see manifestation. Do not be deceived to think nothing is
happening; stay the course, eventually, the status of your children’s lives
will catch up with your words. In His counsel to Job and his friends on the
principle of commanding the morning to ‘take
hold of the ends of the earth’
, we learn how the Almighty got His will done
at creation: the work of His hands resulted from the power in His mouth. He
spoke words of knowledgeJob.38:2,
gave specific commands to stop evilJob.38:12-13, 15,
then, issued commands to establish good Job.38:14.In these three steps fathers may create the kind of life desired for their
families, and set a seal over all that concerns them. Are not you and your
children the work of God’s handsIs.29:23a, Eph.2:10?

God’s Kingdom
principles work whether we understand how or not. Just as you drive a car
without understanding its mechanism, your comprehension of its mysteries is not
a prerequisite for your cooperation. Just do it! Children need help to be who
they were created to be, to solve community, national and international problems,
assure the socio-political and economic advancement of our world, speak to the
enemies at the gates, salt the earth and light the world, following after
divine command to be fruitful, multiply, replenish, subdue and take dominion. Who
best to enable them than fathers? The ‘glory
of children is their fathers’

Abraham, knowing
he carried the Blessing, passed it on to Isaac who in turn blessed Jacob with
the blessing of his father. Fathers note: only a blessed man who is aware of
the fatherhood of God can pass on the Blessing, and give what he is and has to
next generations. Selah!


Father in heaven, I humble myself at Your feet, awed by the things You have
accomplished by the Blessing in my family, for Your Name’s sake. Thank You Lord
for You prepare righteous seed for us from Your mouth to my ears. Help us to
break up the fallow ground of our hearts that we may receive Your seed; soak
the soil of our hearts with the rain of Your word that the implanted seed may find
good ground,in Jesus’ holy name I pray.


the name of Jesus and by the super-abounding grace of God, I declare that
because Jehovah, to Whom belong glory and majesty, dominion and power, now and
for ever, Who shall always be known as the God of Abraham, Isaac and JacobExd.3:15is our God, we are greatly blessed, highly favoured and deeply loved. Thank
You, Jesus.

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