is critical for the believer who desires victorious living, to appropriate the
abundant life which Jesus died to secure for him. By it you connect with the
Spirit of God who lives in you and tap into supernatural enablement.God’s word
prescribes that we pray. Jesus showed by example that praying assures
victorious living. He would sometimes pray all night, and often separated
Himself from His disciples to spend time alone praying. When you fail to pray, you sleep Mk.14:37;
when you fail to confess the word of God to seal your blessings, you sleep;
when you fail to act according to the word you know and launch out in faith,
you sleep. Sleep is not necessarily a physical winding-down; it is a display of
spiritual apathy.

following are some Biblical prescriptions for prayer:

Solicit the help of the Holy
Spirit for ‘we do not know what we should
pray for as we ought’
When you pray in the Spirit He intercedes for you ‘according to the will of God’ v.27b.Prayer opens your spiritual eyes to discern your seasons,
transports you to the Spirit realm where you are shown ‘great and mighty things, which you do not know.’ Jer.33:3. Trusting that the One who knows all things, even the end
from the beginning, has helped you to speak mysteries in the spirit and settled
some issues, you are refreshed, comforted, edified
.As you are
drawn to God in this kind of prayer, you receive replenishment for your weary
soul; you draw grace for overcoming;

Prayer is a continuous sacrificeRom.12:12, a giving
of yourselfAct.6:4.It will
rarely be convenient, but setting a prayer cover over yourself, your family,
friends, ‘the saintsEph.6:18,and even
those who persecute youLk.6:28, is a
responsibility you need take
seriously.Paul often solicited the prayer of the
faithful for his ministry; believers need pray that the gospel spread rapidly,
that the Lord will send labourers to reap a harvest of soulsMt.9:38, that heaven
colonize the world. Jesus showed this example when He prayed for you, that you
not be taken from the world but kept in it, from evilJn.17:9, 15,
. He continuously intercedes for you, as your High Priest in
heaven, assuring that you can boldly access the throne of GraceHeb.4:14-16 .