3. Godly Principles Work Optimally on the Platform of Love.

When asked about the most important commandment of God, Jesus supplied the code by which every man on earth should desire to live – by loving God with the heart, soul, mind and strength, and loving all men as we love ourselves Mt.22:37-39. He considered as ‘wise’ the assertion by one of the scribes that love of God and man ‘is more than all the whole burnt offering and sacrifices’, and avowed that such a person is “not far from the Kingdom of God’ Mk.12:33-34.

The discourse between Jesus and Peter after His resurrection is also instructive: the love of Jesus should prompt us to feed His sheep Jn.21:15-17. The insistence that Peter affirm His love for Jesus is an indication that in order to love men, we must first love God. No one can love God as prescribed, for the love of God surpasses human ability. Apostle Paul’s epistle to the Ephesians puts love better than I can muster words to describe. He prayed that they be rooted and grounded in the God kind of love in order to ‘comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height; and to know the love of Christ, which passes knowledge…’ Eph.3:16-19. Truly, only the one who is ‘strengthened with power’ through the Holy Spirit in His ‘inner being’ can be granted revelation of the love of God.

Our access to God’s love is by faith in Jesus Christ. Because we are adopted children, ‘the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us’ Rom.5:5. The love of God must be our priority, without it we are not able to truly love ourselves and others. The gift of loving God has already been given, all we need is to draw grace to love like God, by faith; our greatest attribute must be to LOVE.

What has love got to do with giving? One act of love – the giving of His Son – gave God a harvest of sons who reward the Father’s love by doing as He commands, because they can love Him in return Jn.14:31. They can speak what they hear Him say Jn.8:28, do only what they see Him do. Sons who follow the example of their Father please Him by loving just like Him. The one who loves has access to all that God’s Kingdom offers here on earth and in eternity; whatever he asks he receives 1Jn.3:22, he becomes a channel to give others. This is where every believer should want to be, having been empowered.

Everything in God’s Kingdom works by love, every effort is futile unless it is done with the motive of love; we gain nothing from giving away all we have if love is not in the mix 1Cor.13:3. Giving is an expression of our love of God and man, ‘feeding’ men shows we love them.

4. God’s Kingdom Wealth Surpasses the Material.

Every resource required is in the storehouse of heaven Is.1:17, Jn.3:27. One act of the giving of God’s Son engendered for us many levels of receiving. The Lamb that was slain received on our behalf from the Giver of all good things all we need as heirs – power, riches, wisdom, strength, honour, glory and blessing Rev.5:12. Clearly, riches are only a fraction of God’s gifts to His sons; our inheritance surpasses the material. All that we are and have were given, we own nothing. Jesus, our role model, gave His life, so must we give ours, it is the gift of His Spirit Jn.6:63. As He gave of Himself in ministry, preaching the gospel of the Kingdom, healing all sickness and disease, casting out demons and evil spirits, and meeting diverse needs, so must we give of ourselves in whatever sphere of influence we are called; we are a living sacrifice. Jesus gave to us the words given by the Father Jn.17:8, so must we share the Word, recognising that knowledge of this truth grants wisdom for victorious living.

Jesus gave to us all the Father gave Him, holding nothing back. Let us learn the art of giving from the greatest Giver!

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