We continue the discourse on the mandate of Jesus to the Redeemed:

And they shall rebuild the old ruins. They shall raise up the former desolations, and they shall repair the ruined cities, the desolations of many generations.’ Is.61.4.

Jesus solved the problem of sin, we in whom live His Spirit, in whom is found ‘light and understanding and excellent wisdom’’ Dan.5:14, are to solve the problems sin created, to proffer the solutions the world badly needs. The reality of the world we live in is that both the oppressor and the oppressed are in pain. Those who built empires experience outrageously high rates of suicide, drug abuse, divorce, child molestation, rape and murder. They are just as needy of help as the people they exploit; many in their hearts cry out for change but with their fists over their mouths, stifle those cries and go unheard; they cannot bite the hand that feeds them.

The earth and its inhabitants are groaning, eagerly awaiting the revealing of the sons of God Rom.8:19. No more should we allow darkness – wickedness and ignorance – to prevail in our spheres of influence. We are the solution-providers, kings and priests to our God in Agriculture, Banking, Commerce, Construction, Education, Engineering, Entertainment, Governance, Health, Justice Administration, Manufacturing, Mining, Public Administration and every of man’s endeavour. Believers not only have dominion on earth but are also connected to the One with dominion in heavenly places. We exercise spiritual authority in the heavens, on earth and under the earth, to cause things in these realms to yield, by faith in the name Jesus Phil.2:9-10.

As priests, we destroy existing altars which do not glorify God in our sector, set up altars to the Lord there and service them regularly with worship, prayer and thanksgiving offerings. By divine revelation, before men gather to device anything which may jeopardise God’s thoughts, we become aware of their plans, and act to counter their moves. By our words we root out principalities, pull down powers, destroy rulers of darkness of this age and throw down spiritual wickedness in heavenly places Eph.6:12, Jer.1:10.

A priest is a watchman over the city. While the people ‘plot a vain thing’, the kings ‘set themselves’, and the rulers ‘take counsel together, against the Lord and against His anointed’, he who serves the Lord with fear must know. Then, by his prayers, he grants permission to ‘He who sits in the heavens’ to ‘speak to them in His wrath and distress them in His deep displeasure’. He will receive empowerment to ‘break them with a rod of iron’ and ‘dash them to pieces like a potter’s wheel’ Ps.2:1-12. The power that conquers is in God’s instruction, the ‘rod’ is the word he is given. As he declares it, what he says is established for him such that all opposing counsel is cancelled; where there should have been a casting down, exaltation occurs Job.22:28-29, because he says so. There is power in prayer so he must keep pressing in.

As kings, we exercise ruler-ship and strut over our domain like the overcomers we are. The word of a king is power. Therefore, he must get specific wisdom – the word for the moment – from the King of kings. No man should be able to stand against him when control issues have been settled with the One who sent him. He must exercise ‘the exceeding greatness of His power’ invested in him Eph.1:19 by speaking, calling things in and out for the purposes of God’s Kingdom, not tempted to say the things seen that are contrary to what God said, for we have what we say. We must take our rightful positions, God’s Kingdom does not come with observation, it is in us Lk.17:20-21; we bring it to bear in our sector, the areas we are to exercise dominion over.

By our guided actions we rebuild ruined cities, bring succour to those in despair, plant new life Jer.1:5 to preserve the resources God put in the Ground, the Sea and the Air, and propagate systems that distribute the wealth generated by using these resources in a Godly manner, that God’s glory may fill communities, nations, even the whole earth. This assignment must be taken seriously, for by it the righteous will reign and cause the people to rejoice Prov.29:2.

The five-fold ministry should not be limited to the four walls of the church, being for the equipping of every part of the Body of Christ to work effectively to establish God’s Kingdom patterns in every nation Eph.4:11-13. Is not the will of the Father ‘that in the dispensation of the fullness of the times He might gather together in one all things in Christ’ Eph.1:10? The Spirit of God has imparted us, empowered and released us to be all that God created us to be:

☆ Apostles in the market place receive divine solutions to local, national and international problems;

☆ Prophets break ground in all spheres of human endeavour, they download heavenly blueprints that work;

☆ Evangelists invade markets worldwide, take the gospel of God’s Kingdom to the nations and draw men to Him;

☆ Pastors are shepherds and care-givers, to manage people, systems and structures using heavenly patterns;

☆ Teachers correctly analyse socio-political, economic and other indicators in the light of the Word of God, they impart precise knowledge, understanding and wisdom to assure success of communal and global projects.

There is much work to be done.