Let us return to the subject of God’s Kingdom Keys which assure a believer’s divine enablement to meet every need. Thus far, we have discussed Salvation (23/06), Righteous Living by Faith (02/07), Revelation Knowledge of God (29/06, 27/07-08/08), Wisdom (16-21/07) and Understanding (25-29/08).

Key 6: a believer may receive the treasure chest of the Kingdom by Answering the Call of God. Every man on earth is here on purpose, given ‘life” Jn.1:9 for the accomplishment of specific tasks. Before you were born the One who created your spirit knew who He made and empowered you to become, having ‘ordained you’ Jer.1:1-10.. God has a specific work to prosper you in whatever sector He called you to wield influence. It is your Kingdom assignment; it may or may not be your current job.

God seeks ambassadors in every sector of human endeavour to represent the Kingdom prophesied to ‘break in pieces and consume’ all the kingdoms of this world Dan.2:44; we are to administer all according to His agenda. However, whatever your profession, career, business, you are in ministry for God and man, a steward. Your work includes a ministry of reconciliation, to make disciples of all nations, teaching them to do all things commanded by Jesus. The presence of the Christ and the power of His Spirit are all the enablement you need My.28:18-20. This work cannot be done within the walls of the church. Each one need ‘Go’ into the world to light it, and take charge of the earth to salt it.

Being Kingdom-minded pleases God. The Blessing that draws His treasure is not transferred to idle hearts or hands. A man who has discovered God’s purpose for his life, and is following the path set before him, will not only receive every resource required to achieve this purpose, but will also be divinely compensated. His call on your life leads you to solve specific problem(s) that draw the wealth of people to you. This is the key to your prosperity. Even if you are yet to realise His vision, the heavenly Father will take care of you because He loves you and because you choose to stay on the path of the blessed man, living in obedience to Him Is.1:19, by faith.

God did not call you to be wealthy just for your benefit, to multiply cars, houses, and a flamboyant wardrobe! Your work, and the resultant wealth, is purposed to execute four levels of ministry: your self and family, the needy, your community (even Nation) and the expansion of God’s Kingdom on earth. God gives power to get wealth ‘that He may establish His covenant…’ Deut.8:18b. You need understand the purpose for wealth in order to qualify for it. As you seek the advancement of His Kingdom, He will proper you even more Mt.6:33.

You are God’s steward of the resources put in your hand, the tangible and the intangible, therefore appreciate and deploy what you have. We know our God is a wise Investor. In one of His expositions on the working of God’s Kingdom, Jesus likened it to a man who gave portions of his wealth to his servants before travelling to a far country Mt.25:14-30. However little what you have may seem to you, God considers that it is enough; it may not seem fair but it is just. The master gave each one ‘according to his ability’. The servant with one talent must have disdained what he had, thinking it was not enough ‘seed’ by which to bear fruit. He buried it, as do many believers who do not recognize the value of God-given gifts. The other two servants were not only commended for having gained profit, they were also made ‘ruler over many things’.

Have you discovered your ‘talent’, God’s specific investment in you? Are you gaining profit by it?

We need not look to men to meet our needs or make unrealistic demands on ourselves. All we need to be fruitful, multiply and have dominion is already in our hands Gen.1:29. Appreciating and using what we have been given is the key to receiving more, ‘for, to everyone who has, more will be given, and he will have abundance…’.

Getting of wealth is tied to the portion of the earth you were created to ‘tend and keep’.

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