Final thoughts on traps to avoid when reviewing the gains of the passing year:

* Failure to appreciate and use what you have: In one of His expositions on the working of God’s Kingdom, Jesus likened it to a man who gave portions of his wealth to servants before travelling to a far country Mt.25:14-30. Note that he gave each ‘according to his ability’. The first two were not only commended for having gained profit from the master’s investment in them, they were also made ‘ruler over many things’. The servant with one talent must have not valued what he had, thinking it was not enough ‘seed’ by which to bear fruit. He buried it, much as do many believers who do not recognise the worth of God-given gifts.

Appreciating and using what you have is the path to receiving more, ‘for, to everyone who has, more will be given, and he will have abundance… ‘ Stop looking to men to meet your needs, or making unrealistic demands on yourself; all that you need for the abundant life is already in your hand.

Remember the widow who claimed she had ‘nothing in the house but a jar of oil’ 2Kngs.4:2? Like her, all you need is wisdom – what to do to multiply what you have v.3-4.

* Uncertainty that God will meet the need: The greatest man that walked the earth lived daily by faith in God. His name is Jesus Christ. He is the Word of God that created all that exists, by faith, making things which are seen from things which are invisible Heb.11:3. By faith you do what God did at creation: believe with your heart and speak with your mouth, calling those things that are not as though they ‘were’. On the platform of faith, you partner with God to create your desires, the glorious destiny He planned for you Jer.29:11.

When you raise a voice of faith, calling things into existence and declaring situations to conform to the will of God, you need believe that it is met with His hand of power. Check your heart status: do you still believe? Are you still standing ‘fast in faith’ 1Cor.16:13? If you rely on the efficacy of your well thought out solutions, your faith is weak. The only thing that validates you as a believer is your faith in God. Guard it jealously!

” Not being thankful: Thanksgiving is an acknowledgment that all power and glory belong to God. It is what you do when your prayer has the stamp of approval. While Paul and Silas were ‘praying and singing hymns to God’ Acts.16:25, rejoicing in the midst of suffering in captivity, certain of answered prayer, the prison doors were opened and their chains were loosed. v.26.

In God’s Kingdom, being thankful for the things that are yet to be seen glorifies God, His presence is provoked and His power kicks in. Be grateful, have confident assurance that you have your desires, according to God’s will, therefore let your joy be full Jn.16:24.

Rejoice into the new year!