Our discourse on traps to avoid when reviewing the gains of this passing year continues:

* Being presumptuous about knowing God: Apostle Paul prayed that God ‘give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him… ‘ Eph.1:17. Revelation knowledge of God is gleaned from His word. Everything you need for the abundant life is channelled through the word of God; He does nothing outside of His word. As you meditate upon it, you get the divine illumination you need to dominate your world. God’s word is the spiritual bank from which all your needs are drawn; do not miss any opportunity to be washed with the water of the Word.

Unfortunately many believers are presumptuous about knowing God: they can quote Scripture knowing the letter of the Word, but have little revelation knowledge of God, therefore their lives do not manifest the fullness of God’s goodness – the power of the Word. However long we have been saved, we all need to seek more of God, to mature via the knowledge of His word, that we may continue to depend on, and receive from Him, for ‘those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing’ Ps.34:10.

* Not knowing how things work in God’s Kingdom: A deceptive world view – that God works in mysterious ways – connotes that it is impossible to decipher Godly things. Not so. The Kingdom of God operates on ‘keys’: ‘And I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of heaven… ‘ Mt.16:19. Keys are mysteries available to those in covenant relationship with Him, who seek Him. God is Spirit, only the spiritual may access spiritual things; the things of God are foolishness to those who do not believe 1Cor.2:13-14, but light the path of believers Ps.119:105.

I offer a simple interpretation of God’s counsel to Joshua who led Israel after the demise of Moses: As you meditate on God’s word,  you will mine revelation from it on wisdom required to resolve situations that arise daily; you will find keys that, when applied, will cause you to become prosperous. Your success is guaranteed. Josh.1:8.

God’s Kingdom keys are hidden in His Word. Seek and understand the keys, for they grant access to His preparation for you 1Cor.2:9. As you discover a key, understand its correct application, and rightly deploy it, you will possess your portion of the inheritance; your goals will be achieved.

Prayer was never meant to be a battering ram to break open the storehouse of heaven. Pray God’s word; His Kingdom doors open to keys, not force.