A few more thoughts on traps to avoid when reviewing the gains of the year:

* Expecting promotion without adequate preparation:

God rarely promotes the unprepared. Believers need take a cue from the life of Joseph, grandson of Isaac. He spent years in captivity prior to his appointment as Agriculture Minister of Egypt. His C.V. would have read: ‘slave’, ‘prisoner’, but while working these two ‘jobs’ he became knowledgeable about how to handle authority, temptation and prosperity. He learned skills: communication, negotiation and  entrepreneurship.

Joseph also developed admirable attributes: perseverance, diligence, generosity, humility, obedience, mercy, justice, integrity and character. As if these were not enough to qualify him for the position of second-in-command to the Pharaoh, God was with Him, causing all he did to prosper.

Are you adequately prepared for the spouse of your dreams, that career move, or to take that business to the next level?

* Making wrong choices, in opposition to Godly instruction:

Evidence that God allows us exercise free will abounds in Scripture. He put Adam in Eden, provided all he would need to climb the five-step ladder from fruitfulness to dominion, as commanded Gen.1:28; set boundaries for them Gen.2:16-17, then stepped back, allowed man and wife do as empowered, paying regular visits.

The choice to believe Satan and disobey God was theirs. Likewise the choice to yield your will to God’s is yours to make. Be wise, acknowledge Him in all you plan; let Him direct you Prov.3:5-7. You will not be disappointed.

* Unrealistic comparison:

Apostle Paul warned that those who ‘measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise’ 2Cor.10:12b. Since each of us is unique, ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ Ps.139:14, there is no basis to compete on any physical level.

Believers are of divine nature. Fellowship with God is a rubbing of like minds; you can think, speak and act like Him for ‘you are filled with all the fullness of God’ Eph.3:19b. You rule over the elements, speaking to storms; you defeat lack and poverty, calling into your hands resources to meet every need, just like Jesus Mt.17:27. You reign in the sector of society over which you have influence, being a king and priest Rev.5:10; your creativity and ingenuity draw those in the world to your light because you carry treasure, heavenly blueprints emanating from the excellent power of God working in you 2Cor.4:7.

Why would you want to compare yourself with another, even on an intellectual or spiritual level?