from ‘The Good Father’.

fathers are seated far above every created thing, in Christ’, with GodEph.1:22-23in heavenly placesEph.2:6.Spiritual warfare is conducted from your heavenly abode. Jesus Christ gave His
life to destroy the works of the enemy1Jn.3:8,
having conquered sin and death. As your High Priest who is touched with the
feeling of your weaknessHeb.4:15,
He is seated there interceding for you. Therefore you have no reason to fear
anything that comes against you.

The spiritual realm where battles to safeguard your
children are engaged responds to the power of the spoken word. You keep silent
at your peril, and theirs. Speak up against any machination of the devil
against them, even before his plan is hatched. You achieve this by setting a
prayer cover of God’s word over your children, knowing thatGod upholds
all things by the word of His powerHeb.1:3.

The word of God is replete with divinely supplied
defensive arsenal;it is a weapon
of destruction. Apostle Paul describes it as ‘the sword of the Spirit’Eph.6:17.Apply it in
spiritual warfare as demonstrated by Jesus Christ when He encountered Satan
after forty days of fasting in the wildernessMt.4:2-11. Jesus
never lacked an ‘It is written…’ to
respond to the devil’s taunts. You must know the word
of God too; use
it lavishly, do what Jesus
did. Anything that comes against your children must first pass through you who have
charge over them. You are the stronghold
of your home. If you do nothing, you allow your children to be oppressed or
snatched away.

of God’s word empowers you: it reveals who you are and therefore what authority
you have, and also opens up your mind to what God has already done, what is available
to you. Your understanding of the application of the word is a veritable weapon
against the wiles of the enemy. Your success in battle is hinged on the study,
meditation upon, and believing of God’s wordJosh.1:8.

God’s words are ‘dark sayings’ of His strength and the
wonderful works He has done, passed down for generationsPs.78:2. These
already accomplished works, which were kept secret from the foundation of the
world, were not only revealed by Jesus Christ in parablesMt.13:35, but were
also, by the enablement of the Holy Spirit, shared with devout men such as
Apostles Peter, Paul and James who took time to search the Scriptures.

God is the only wise One,
therefore like His generals, apply your heart to know Him, keep His words
within you, and let them be fixed on your lips when expedient, as you put your
trust in HimProv.22:17-19.