One of the
reasons businesses slip towards decline and fail is the poor people management
skills of business leaders. With the advent of numerous technological
advancements and the vast – and continuously expanding – capabilities of the
World Wide Web, the balance of power has shifted toward the skilled worker and
the informed customer.

The skilled
Worker has ample opportunity to become highly professional, competent, and
motivated by pursuing entrepreneurial prospects available in the marketplace.

The informed
customer consistently uses his buying power to make choices to suit his pocket,
desire, and conviction of added value.

Not anymore can
employers afford to handle what should be their most valued asset with kid
gloves. Both server and served are your internal and external customers.

What has LOVE
got to do with creation of customer-oriented, products and services perceived
by buyers to be value-adding and therefore generate wealth?

Love is the
reason for creating and sustaining customer-caring, profit-making business.”

Recommended instructional material:

The first three chapters of the e-book, ‘People Management: An
Entrepreneurs’ Guide

Section 01: ‘Establish Structure &

Section 02: ‘Workplace Code of Conduct.’

Section 03: ‘The Power of Culture’.

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