God ‘formed’ an earth suit into which he
breathed the male and female spirits created in His image and likeness and Man became
a living being. Thereafter, He decided that it is not ‘good’ for Man to be alone – all in one body, no companion. He then
put Adam to sleep,’ ‘took one of his
ribs, and closed up the flesh in its place’
Evidently, God ‘made’ the woman with
material taken from Man’s body; He did not return to take more of ‘the dust of the ground’ from which He
had ‘formed’ ManGen.2:7.Science has shown that every cell in a body is the replica of that body,
therefore, whatever part God took from Adam was all he needed to make his
clone. Adam recognised the woman as ‘bone
of [his] bones and flesh of [his] flesh’
and named her ‘Woman, because she was taken out of Man.’ Gen.2:23.

The Source of our spirits is God
Almighty, the source of our bodies is Adam; every male man should be ‘father’ for he carries in his loins the
generations after him. But sadly this is not the case. Many to whom children
have been born, while struggling to become the man God created them to be, have
not embraced the responsibilities of fatherhood. The father is meant to be the
firm bedrock of his home, the one that gives strength to endure, just as does
the foundation of a building.Lack of God-ordained fatheringhas made the foundation of many a family shaky, thus the unit is susceptible to
a great fall, even when a small wind blows.

Clearly there is more
to fathering than being donor of a child’s DNA!


Heavenly Father, I acknowledge that I am
a father by Your will, entrusted with care of Your children, seed to perpetuate life on earth and propagate Your divine
purposeGen.1:28. Thank You for rewarding me with blessings to comfort me, and for
giving me a heritage of and from YouPs.127:3.

I humble myself before You Lord, I
acknowledge my shortcomings – for the times when I should have but was not
present in their lives; when I could have but did not provide adequately for
them; when I was not a positive role-model to my sons or mentor my daughters
right; for not getting to know them by myself, allowing others to tell me about
repent of not looking in Your word for instruction, not meditating day and
night on it for guidance on being a good father. Thank You Lord for I have a supply of mercy and find grace
when I come boldly to Your throneHeb.4:16to know and understand the words of Your mouthProv.4:1-6,and get wisdom
for fathering,in Jesus
Majestic Name I pray. Amen.

Daily Declaration:

the name of Jesus, and by the super-abounding grace of God, I declare:

God reigns as Head of my home, He comes first. My home is the training
ground for the next generations; it is the place to model and teach the love of
God and man, by attitudes, words and actions, where Godly seed are prepared to
carry on the torch of covenant relationship with God so that every promise of
God to us in His word is fulfilledGen.18:19.

Every member of my household carries the glory of Christ, His light
shines in our hearts2Cor.4:6.In fellowship we surrender to the Sovereignty of the Father, the Lordship
of the Son and the leading of the Holy Spirit, and our joy is full1Jn.1:3-4. We worship God in visible, practical ways; we
go out in joy and all things work together in our favourIs.55:10-13, Rom.8:28. Thank You,Jesus.

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