Lord God Almighty is the ultimate Father. His blessing is generational in
nature, purposed to be continuous, therefore, the only two ways by which
children may miss being blessed is if fathers either fail to bless them, or speak
over them what God did not say: ‘Who is
he who speaks and it comes to pass, when the Lord has not commanded it?’
God has played His part; it is the responsibility of earthly fathers to take
their rightful position in the scheme of divine plan and purpose, to bind on
earth the things bound in heaven and loose on earth what is already loosed in
heaven. But a father who will pass on the Blessing must first acknowledge the
fatherhood of God Almighty, the Giver of all good things, recognize the
Blessing working in him, and show evidence of a life enriched in all things, no
sorrow added. He must believe the words of JesusJn.20:17,
and let every feature of the Father-Son relationship taught by His life and
ministry guide him, for the Father of Jesus Christ is also his Father.

father who knows God as his Father, will likely imbibe His model characteristics,
and follow His guidelines for good fathering. The heavenly Father gave all of
Himself – Father, Son, Spirit. The Father created the earth, filled it with
bounty and gave man, in whom His very life resides, dominion over it.
Subsequent upon man’s wilful loss of his inheritance to Satan by disobedience to
Him, the Father gave His Son to snatch His children away from the snare of the
enemy, restore us to the status of sons lost at Eden, draw us back into
fellowship with Him, and into ownership of all we need for an abundant life on
earth. The Son left His glory in heaven, stooped to come to earth as man, give
sacrificially by His suffering, death and resurrection to achieve the Father’s purpose,
and to show by His example how we are to live on earth. Then the Spirit of God
was sent, as a Gift to live in us, to help, comfort and teach us, reveal the
Son, and remind us of His way, and to guarantee our inheritance with our
heavenly Father as sons adopted into His family, accepted in the BelovedEph.1:6.
I believe God expects earthly fathers to also give sacrificially of themselves
– body, soul and spirit – and adhere to His prescriptions, in order to excel at

manual of the Blessing is written, it is available to all, all the users need
do is obey and prosper. God created man for relationship and fellowship, with
Himself and other men. As Head of the heavenly family, He set the earthly family
as a cocoon for the nurturing of generations, and put the father in place as its
head. Surely, the expectation of the only Righteous One will not be cut off!

question is: can any outside of the cocoon, heavenly or earthly, expect to
enjoy the Blessing? More next post.


Thank You Father for, by the
Blessing, Your strength has swallowed my weakness; I can do all things because
Christ in me gives me strengthPhil.4:13. Help me to continue in faith, love, and self-control, surrendering
to Your sovereign will, the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the leading of Your
Spirit,to humble myself before You, receive grace for victorious living, resist
the devil, the one who desires to rob me of the Blessing, and cause him to flee
from meJs.4:6, 10.Lord, satisfy my desire to draw daily the life-giving
sap supplied by the ‘Vine’, in
Jesus’ precious name I pray.


the name of Jesus and by the super-abounding grace of God, I declare that because of the Blessing working in and through me, I
run not on the steam of my own strength but on the energy of the supernatural. Having
been restored to the image of God, His super over my natural makes fellowship
with Him easy, for I am able to think, look, speak and act like Him, and do
everything I see Jesus doMt.17:27.Thank You, Jesus.