We’ve all heard CHARACTER defined as
who you are when no one is watching. This is the same sentiment expressed by Thomas
Macaulay (1800-1859), when he said: “The measure of a man’s character is what he
would do if he knew he never would be found out.”
The Omoluabi tribe of South-West
Nigeria have a saying that translates thus: ‘Character is Smoke’.
Smoke permeates the air; how then can it not be discovered? I believe your
character is who you choose to become whether alone or in company: it manifests
in your thoughts, words and actions. Hide it, you cannot.

Every character trait is developed by
choice. You are a work-in-progress: who you were may be nothing
like who you are becoming. In the incubation phase, missteps are allowed; if
you fail to measure up to your expectation, get back up again, but don’t take
a less than desirable character into business management.

attributes constitute good character? In the next few posts, we will discuss
some universal,
tried and tested
principles of good
governance, keys to business success. They work.

Fear of God:People who
reflect Godly culture, values, and nature, by their lifestyle not only make a
heavy impact to make the environment better, but also positively affect the
lives of the people they serve and work with. Those who fear God know the signs
of the times, being sensitive to His will, per time. If Elisha had not feared
God, a worse disease may have fallen upon him than that which plagued his
servant for receiving gifts as reward for the manifestation of God’s healing
power on Namaan.

need appreciate this: that God cannot forget your labour of love is an
indication that the expression of love is ‘labour’. It is not convenient, but a
choice that involves work! Therefore, we are advised to do it with diligence.
The entrepreneur who does right by God to love Him, himself and others works
for, and walks with Him. Love is the reason for creating and sustaining
customer-caring, profit-making business. Those who solve problems for
love of people not money attract much wealth;

       Courage:While incubating,take courage in the cautionof
others, find your voice in their warnings, and
launch forth.Raise your capacity and capability to match who you are
created to be. Draw
strength from within; recognize that g
opportunities emanate from great difficulty. The difficulties are the reason
the opportunities have remained untapped: no one was brave enough to challenge
the harsh environment.