Nothing can stop the man with the right
mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with
the wrong mental attitude.”
Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President
of the United States (USA). In Section 2 of Part 2 of the e-book, ‘Wealth from an Idea or for a
, titled: ‘Greatness
is First of All a Mind-set.’
, much is written
about attitudes entrepreneurs who desire success at every endeavour need adopt
and imbibe. Here’s more:

your businesses a platform to perform great acts that glorify
God, command the respect and adoration of men, and attract buyers to what you
are selling,because they like and trust you. Faith always makes a way.

rarely miss the mark. They humbly ask the way; keep ego at the door and accept opinions that
don’t support their dream. The humble get all the advice they can, heed instruction
and correction, and become wise, knowing that wisdom constitutes the power to
get wealth; they accept things they can’t change, embrace what they can’t
control, be determined to make your dreams happen;

Spirituality:This is your power
to do great things. You may need to tread an uncharted path, a place where no
one else has been. Except led, you cannot see the way through, or out. By being
spiritual recognizing God’s presence, trusting that He will come through for you,
your spiritual muscles are exercised, and strengthened. You shift things out of
your path, and a way is made where there seemed none, to cause you to meet the
right people to help you at the right place in the right time.