Business success is hinged on the ability to
forge and sustain fruitful relationships.By relationship with the One with custody of all good things,
entrepreneurs know what others don’t, understand why
things are, and get wisdom for proffering solutions to man’s problems – the same
that produces wealth. You must have heard it said that wisdom is knowing the
difference. The strength of your relationship is usually referred to as your ‘social
because it is what makes the
difference; the factor that decides the customer’s choice of product or service

Knowing that God always uses men to
help us, we need foster good relationships. The common values that connect you
with people will determine if the supplier with scarce materials keeps them for
you, if the buyer chooses your product, or if the potential investor is willing
to take a risk on you. Social capital creates networks built on trust, mutual respect,
honesty etc: it is invisible currency, sometimes even more potent than cash.

In an article discussing how people who
seek spiritual solutions to character-deficit issues self-sabotage themselves,
a pastor wrote, ‘… what would ultimately
destroy a man going to high places in life is not really the enemies that are
waiting for him there, but the character that followed him there

More attributes of one with good

  1. ·        Justice and Equity:Businesses may fail when stake holders don’t perceive justice
    being done. Institute a just reward system for all contributors to business
    well-being. The
    world is already full of brokenness: it needs the hope that justice brings.Let this be your legacy: that youshow respect to everyone, whatever their status, being mindful
    of your words and how you treat them. The caring maid who recommended the
    Prophet Elisha to heal Namaan, the leprosy-ridden Syrian Captain, must not have
    been mal-treated, though a slave;

Honesty: Be
trustworthy, a promise-keeper. Use correct measurements. Do not force a sale where the product
or service does not fit the buyer’s need. Rather, focus on building and
strengthening relationship with paying customers, knowing that even if you
don’t make that sale, you have goodwill and will sell more in future. People are
grateful for your honesty and will likely refer their friends to you. Honesty
opens the door to long-term success;

Patience:Big things start small,
building takes time. There are no short cuts to get where you want, or to be
good at what you do.Start-ups experience dark moments. Keep
pushing. Everything will work for your good – even the environment will support
you – eventually;

Excellence:Strive for
improvement. Do things better than done before. Keep it fresh, new and
creative. Be driven by more than just making money. When aligned with those willing to help, show
up, be the best at what you do, manifesting the spirit of excellence you carry.
An excellent spirit over-delivers on every promise.

For more onbuilding
fruitful relationships, read Section 2 of Part 6 of the e-book, ‘Wealth from an Idea or for a
, titled, ‘Managing
’ and Section
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